The rivalry between PUBG Mobile and Free Fire is one of the most contested in the Battle Royale genre. The interest of gamers in these two games is quite significant. Almost every month there are PUBG and Free Fire tournaments. Due to their popularity, it's inevitable that the two games would clash.

As we know, PUBG Mobile players don't often get along with Free Fire players. There is a lot of meme material between the two players of each game. Although these are meant to be jokes, some of them can feel like a gut punch.

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Which is why we are looking at 6 ways PUBG Mobile and Free Fire gamers have been making fun of each other for quite some time. You can even see it more clearly if you are a fan of both games and know how fanatical the other fans are. Check out how the fans try to ridicule each other and maybe you can ridicule them!

6 Ways Fans of PUBG Mobile and Free Fire Can Make Fun of Each Other

Door Problems in Free Fire

PUBGM gamers like to mock Free Fire gamers for the door problems that exist in the latter's Battle Royale. While at PUBG Mobile, it's really easy to find the door and open it. Sometimes the door can become a part of the playing strategy.

Finding doors and opening them are all too simple in PUBGM

This is one of the biggest points of mockery against Free Fire gamers. Imagine an area of ​​the city that contains buildings and rooms everywhere, yet it's so difficult to find the doors, and in some instances, there are no doors. PUBG Mobile wins this round.

High Quality vs. Smooth Graphics

One of PUBG Mobile's excellent features is its graphics. The difference is obvious between PUBG Mobile and the current Free Fire edition. And of course, PUBG Mobile gamers do not waste an opportunity to make this a point of mockery.

Free Fire Max APK - Download for Android
Free Fire won't be falling behind on the graphical quality with Free Fire Max coming out this year

On the other hand, PUBGM requires pretty significant specifications from your smartphone to be able to play the game without lag. Whereas Free Fire can be played on smartphones with just 1 GB RAM.

Here is where Free Fire fans can make fun of PUBG Mobile back. Smartphone-friendly Free Fire is definitely an advantage and doesn't hurt when compared to PUBG Mobile. And if people complain about less graphical fidelity in Free Fire, Garena will soon an HD Quality version called Free Fire Max soon this year.

Realistic Vs. Fun Gameplay

PUBG Mobile tries its best to stay close to reality. This includes player skills and collecting the right items. Skills and items become the mainstay of the characters to improve their chances of getting chicken dinner.

Whereas Free Fire is about being creative with the characters and its items. This creativity makes the game more unique and quite different from reality. Examples such as certain specific skills, skins, and items have certain influences and vary for the characters.

The differences in gameplay can be a source of memes between the two. For PUBG gamers, a good game is one that is close to reality. For Free Fire gamers, a good game is one that has a unique experience and more demanding strategy. Basically, there is no objective measurement here, it's all up to our personal tastes.

Auto Aim

Free Fire has an auto-aim feature in its gameplay. Whereas PUBG Mobile doesn't have this. This difference is a point of contention between two games.

Free Fire: These 5 Tips Will Help You Massively Improve Your Aim ...
Auto Aim is the default option in Free Fire, very different from PUBG experience

For PUBG Mobile gamers, the auto-aim feature would make the game feel inauthentic and wouldn't hone player skills. For fans of PUBG Mobile, the best game is that which comes closest to reality, where the shooting is more based on the player's skill.

Pets in FF, Falcon in PUBGM

Initially, Free Fire pets are something to be made fun of by PUBG Mobile gamers. Because for the most part, it's useless to bring pets into battle, because the pets used to have no significant effect on the battlefield.

That is until PUBG Mobile introduced the Falcon companion. Conceptually, the Falcon feature is the same as the pet system. PUBGM players can no longer make fun of Free Firers for this. Meanwhile, FF players can make fun of PUBGM players back for succumbing to the same feature.

Size and Stability

Everyone knows about PUBGM requiring a larger size and how the game can experience an FPS drop that interferes with your gameplay even though your smartphone has a high spec. When it comes to size and stability, Free Firers have all the advantages.

In PUBG Mobile, if you are in the middle of a battle with a lot of firefight going on, the amount of rendering would often cause an FPS Drop. In contrast to Free Fire which has a fast and smooth rendering, thus minimizing FPS drop.

But it's important to understand that the rivalry between players of PUBG Mobile and Free Fire should not be taken too seriously. Sometimes it's just funny to point out the differences in gameplay and features in both games and we can all enjoy it.

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