To be successful in PUBG Mobile, similar to every other shooter, you would need to have a good aim. Due to the nature of the game being mobile based, getting used to taking aim is actually super hard for new players who are used to precision tools like mouse and keyboard. In order to lighten the burden, the devs have introduced into the game the Aim Assist system.

Where to active the aim assist system in the settings of PUBG Mobile

What is the aim assist system?

This is prevalent in other console based shooters, with the crosshair getting automatically dragged into the correct spots for players to fire. PUBG Mobile's system works the same.

Aim Assist users are likely to get a body shot instead of a headshot

Is the aim assist system actually benefit new players?

It actually does benefit new players in the short term, helping them to aim at the body of nearby enemies easier. While they still have to do the majority of the work (the homing part only kick in when the cursor is close enough to the target), this would cut down the reaction time, as they can fire immediately when the cursor begin to home in. Due to the algorithm preference of body shots, your chance of getting a headshot would be reduced slightly unless you know how to abuse the system (aiming slightly above so that the cursor get dragged down).

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You should practice on both aim assist and manual aim to pick the one that suits your playstyle

However, it only helps in close or medium quarter combat, as at a longer range, the homing cursor would be much less responsive. However, if your enemy is moving too fast, you are out of luck, as the auto-aim just can't follow fast movements - you would have to drag it manually again.


Overall, the overuse of aim assist would lead to some bad habits that are very hard to change - however, it certainly does help at aiming. We recommend that you try to predict enemy movements if you are using aim assist to get the best result. For players whose aspiration is to go pro, it is best to practice both aim assist and normal aiming.

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