Apart from being acclaimed artists in the EDM world, DJ Alok and KSHMR also gain a huge reputation for their in-game characters in Free Fire. While DJ Alok character is one of the best selling ones since being released last year, KSHMR character, also known as Captain Booyah, is all set to make his debut in the future. However, do you ever wonder what would happen if these two stars play a Free Fire match against each other in real life? It actually happened in the Booyah Show last weekend and here is the one who outdid the other!

Kshmr Vs Dj Alok Booyah Show Who Won More Free Fir
DJ KSHMR and Alok were seen against each other on a live-streamed Free Fire battle but who is the one defeat the other?

Recently, a special Booyah Show was conducted by Free Fire Brazil with two acclaimed DJs: Alok and KSHMR sharing the screen. The show which was streamed online on Youtube in October 24th also features pro Brazillian Free Fire players and streamer BrunoPH and LOUD Gelli. Apart from standing in a team together, Alok and KSHMR also had a quick match against each other.

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Alok Vs Kshmr

In the first round, the four were in the same squad, playing against another team in the custom room. Despite having pros like LOUD Gelli and BrunoPH in the team, they failed to defeat the enemies.

The next round saw the two famous DJs in the opposite squad with DJ Alok accompanied by LOUD Gelli while KSHMR was seen next to BrunoPH. They played 5 matches in total and while Alok’s team won 4 over 5 matches, the DJ himself got double kills in two matches.

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The last round was the much-awaited solo match between DJ Alok and KSHMR. Although KSHMR managed to get a kill in the second match, it was Alok who won the rest matches of the game. While the KSHMR character is the game is said to be more OP than Alok, it seems like the DJ Alok in real life is way more experience with the game that he got more kills than his competitor most of the time.

Check out the full show of DJ Alok VS KSHMR in Free Fire official collaboration right below:

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