The media and entertainment, Rooster Teeth has been in partnership with 80Arcade to release a new free-to-play digital card game titled RWBY Deckbuilding Game, which was based on the story and characters from its popular anime RWBY. The game is now available on PC and Android devices as well as IOS.  RWBY Deckbuilding Game was introduced to be simpler to learn than most of the well-known card games in the current market.


RWBY Deckbuilding Game based on RWBY series launched on Feb 15th, 2019

Fans of the RWBY series can now become one of the heroes and battle with many other favorite characters like Ren, Blake, Ruby, Weiss, Yang, Jaune, Nora. Player’s deck is mostly fixed, yet they can improve their power with signature cards, which depends on the chosen hero. In RWBY, the players’ power comes from cards they put on and reset on the field each turn. Those cards will support to build up player’s decks. When power reaches enough volume in a single turn, you are qualified to defeat a hero of your opponent.

All the game is around power and stars. How can you get stars? Playing cards with assigned star points as well as battling other heroes will bring you some. Remember, players will not able to spend those stars and they will unchanged throughout the whole match. After a collection of turns, the hero who possesses more stars will win the round. So, it is crucial to build up your power via purchasing star-studded cards and use those stars to defeat the enemy's heroes.


Matches are around stars and power in RWBY Deckbuilding Game

There are no ads in RWBY Deckbuilding Game, yet it still has in-app purchases, a common model that has existed for a while. Players are allowed to spend real money to get more cards, more fields goodies as well as card customizers. There is no limitation in game modes, you can either play it online to against AI, go with up to three other friends in Quick Match to battle a difficult boss or unlock the Relic Adventure mode to gain stronger cards and win the Relic frame version of their cards. In case you want to play the game on multiple devices, just log in with the same account and keep all your rewards consistent.

Many memories are brought back thanks to RWBY Deckbuilding Game also. In term of many conventions that drive the game, Sony's classic RPG Digimon World 3 was the first to come to mind, but there are undoubtedly traits of other games as well.


There is no limitation in game modes. If you want to play the game on multiple devices, just log in with the same account and keep all your rewards consistent.

The developers of RWBY Deckbuilding Game seem to be influenced a lot by Gwent, a card game from the hit RPG The Witcher, as well as Blizzard's Hearthstone and some others. For instance, a fundamental energy system is in use to perform certain actions such as enhancing cards, which clearly drew inspiration from Pokemon Trading Card Game.

However, RWBY Deckbuilding Game’s competitive and co-op modes, which contains interesting mechanics with the way you build your decks in battle, are definitely worth trying for fans of the genre. The game will certainly attract a larger community into the RWBY universe and while it is unlikely to be successful on the eSports scene, it still offers something unique on its own merits that fans would appreciate.

RWBY Game is complimented for its simple playing experience and friendly guidance for any newbies of card games. However, it is not boring for veteran card players thanks to its creative set of playing modes and promising strategic depth. This game came as a complete surprise to the entire community and is worth a try. RWBY fans especially are going to enjoy a new way to experience the world of Remnant.