The Seirai Stormchasers is a long questline added in Genshin Impact 2.1. It has 4 parts that lead you the way to sealing the warding stone.

This quest is more powerful than you expected as you can turn the electric storm surrounding Seirai Island off after completing it. Therefore, you can freely explore the area without the worry of taking Electro damage.

In our Seal the Warding Stone Genshin Impact guide, we will walk you through four parts of the quest and what you need to do to solve them.

Seal The Warding Stone Genshin
Get rid of the dangerous thunderstorm with this quest.

1. How the Warding Stone Puzzles work

The task can seem quite puzzling (no puns intended) to some players at the first glance. However, understanding its mechanism will clear all doubts. The only clue we have is the paper on the poles and the paper on the rock must be the same. Neko put it as “Paper with paper, and rock.”

In short, there are 3 paper charms around each Warding Stone that you have to touch. Memorize the position of each paper charm set and their number on each pole.

Now, you will also see paper charms hanging on each side of the Warding Stone. As you can rotate the bottom and upper half of the stone separately, your next job is to match the total number of charms on the swords and the Warding Stone.

See this picture below for illustration:

Warding Stone Puzzle Explain
The main purpose of Seal the warding stone Genshin Impact is to match the number of charms on the pole and the rock.

The tutorial points out,

"Rotate the Warding Stones such that the number of paper charms on the sections of the Stone that correspond to the three poles match the number of charms placed there..."

So, remember that instead of the shape, it is the number of the paper charms that you must match. This applies to every Seirai Stormchasers quest, including the Seirai Island rotating cube puzzles.

2. Start the Seirai Stormchasers world quest

Neko is the talking cat that will inform you how to seal the Warding Stone Genshin Impact in exchange for a favor. Check out the Offering Box on the map close by. To find the materials and fix the box, you will be sent to some locations on the island. Use the Statue of the Seven nearby to heal up as you will have to lock horns against some treasure hoarders.

Return to the Shrine when you have collected all the necessary materials and fix the said Offering Box. Talk to Neko to hear him explain the way to seal the Warding Stones.

Start The Quest
Talk to Eiko and Taisuke to continue the quest.

Afterward, pick this quest up from an NPC called Eiko on Seirai Island. She will tell the Traveler to investigate the storm which she and her friend believe has some connection to the Warding Stones.

Then, at the first Warding Stone, you will meet Eiko’s companion named Taisuke. After more chatter, your mission will be following the cat footprints to the west. Once reached each objective, the quest would update. Therefore, keep following until you reach Asase Shrine which is on a small island.

3. How to seal the Warding Stone Genshin Impact

After the search for the path to the Warding Stone, here’s when your challenge begins.

Warding Stone part 1

For the first puzzle in the Seal the Warding Stone Genshin Impact quest, the three poles of charms stand right next to the Warding Stone. Post touching these sticks, Travelers must rotate the Warding Stone’s bottom part twice to seal it.

Warding Stone 1
Search for the path to the Warding Stone and solve the first one quickly.

Warding Stone part 2

One of the charm sticks in this puzzle is a bit harder to find. While two of them are close by the Warding Stone, the last pole requires you to go northeast through the phase gate and finding a floating rock.

After touching the charm sticks, you can rotate the top part of the Warding Stone three times to have it sealed.

Warding Stone 2
Take note of which part of the stone you have to rotate.

Warding Stone part 3

The third puzzle can be deemed as the trickiest part of the mission.

To start the sealing, players must head south using the phase gate. They will see themselves on the floating rock where they need to summon an Electrogranum. Then, teleport through the air to seek the three charm stones located on other floating rocks. Fortunately, the poles are pinned on the map.

As the sticks are ready, you can rotate the top section of the Warding Stone three times while the bottom part will need five times.

Warding Stone 3
Warding Stone 3 is trickier to deal with as it is on a floating rock.

Warding Stone part 4

The charm sticks are easy to see in the last part of the Seirai Stormchasers. Their locations are, again, right next to the Warding Stone. Seal the stone by rotating both parts twice.

Warding Stone 4 4
After completing the fourth warding stone, get ready for the last-last challenge.

With every Warding Stone sealed, the Seirai Stormchasers questline is almost completely done. The last real challenge will be fighting the Thunder Manifestation boss. As long as you know how to build the most solid team party, it will not be too bad of a battle.

Once you are done, you will receive 40 Primogems and the Peculiar Pinion item.

Above is the complete guide to sealing the Warding Stone Genshin Impact. For more thorough instructions for your game fave, check out on!

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