In what could be shocking news for fans of SouL Aman, his YouTube channel was allegedly hacked by unknown miscreants. Aman Jain's YouTube channel had 275k subscribers and it was growing with his popularity in the eSports community. Recently, several YouTube channels are being hacked. SouL Entertainment, another YouTuber had lost his channel due to hacking. The reason behind such incidents is yet to be known.

Soul Aman
Aman Jain aka SouL Aman with his teammate Naman Mathur aka MortaL

Aman Jain was a core member of Team SouL but he left it to join Team Entity. At the end of 2019, he made a comeback to Team SouL and has an aggressive stance on his gameplay. The entire team SouL is in Goa for a get together arranged by Tencent India. This news has left everyone shocked and they are trying to contact YouTube to get back the channel. However, the hacker has managed to delete the entire content of the channel. The hacker renamed channel name to Ripple XRP [CEO Brad Garlinghouse] which is a cryptocurrency company.

Ripple XRP is a cryptocurrency company involved in financial dealings.

A source close to Team SouL said, "The entire Team SouL is in Goa for an event. They are in a fun mood. After they heard about Aman's YouTube channel being hacked, they tried to reach out to YouTube to resolve the issue. The reason behind this hacking incident is yet to be confirmed. But it would be a phishing incident which Aman might have taken it as a general E-mail link from YouTube. It is very disheartening to see his hard work has been destroyed by the hacker."

Aman shared this news via his Instagram post.

While experts believe that YouTubers should be extra careful in terms of securing their channels. The first one is to be careful with shortened links received by any means. It could lead to download malware which could steal confidential information. The second is to not share information on malicious URL even if it is shared by Google itself. The third one would be to keep strong passwords and to change them frequently.