Garena Free Fire had just unveiled their latest collaboration with the popular anime series - Attack on Titan. To celebrate the crossover, the devs introduce a wide range of events, cosmetic items, and more. Players can now acquire the new Male Survey Corps and Female Survey Corps bundles.

Free Fire Attack On Titans Survey Corp Male
Free Fire X Attack On Titan

The new Armored Titan bundle is also available in the Armored Bullseye event. But the big question is, should you get it or not? 

How to Obtain the New Armored Titan Bundle?

As we said earlier, the Armored Titan Bundle is exclusively available in the Armored Bullseye event. It started a few days back, on March 19th, and will conclude on April 1st.

Free Fire Attack On Titans Art
Take Down The Titan

During the event, players can acquire the new bundle by spending diamonds to flip the cards. There are a total of 9 cards, which means 9 flips. The more cards you flip, the higher your chance of winning the Armored Titan bundle is!

That's because once a card is flipped, it will be eliminated. The rewards won't repeat. However, the costs for the flip will increase accordingly. The Diamonds you need for each 9, 19, 29, 49, 69, 99, 199, 299, and 599 Diamonds, respectively.

Free Fire Attack On Titans Armored Titan Bundle
Flip Cards To Win The Armored Titan Bundle

Therefore, by spending 1371 Diamonds, you can win all the rewards in the event, including the new bundle. If you're really lucky, you may get the bundle on 1st try.

Prize Pool

Here is a list of all the rewards that you can obtain from the Armored Bullseye event:

  1. Armored Titan Bundle
  2. Pharaoh Gun Box
  3. Cheetah Gun Box
  4. Private Eye Gun Box
  5. Imperial Rome Gun Box
  6. Wilderness Hunter UMP Box
  7. Skull Hunter AK Box
  8. Mystic Seeker Scar Box
  9. Death M1014 Box

Should You Get The New Armored Titan Bundle In Garena Free Fire?

1371 Diamonds are huge. Unless you really want to obtain the Armored Titan bundle, or you're a big fan of the Attack on Titan series, we won't recommend you spending that much money. You can invest in something that has more value, such as the Elite Pass.

Titan Bundle Flip Cards
Spend 9 Diamonds For The First Spin

But you should give the first few flips a try! See if you can get the bundle for 9 Diamonds.

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