SK Sabir Boss and Casual Gaming are two very popular Free Fire content creators in India who have 3.75 million subscribers and 999k subscribers respectively. Both of these players are known as very skilled players in Free Fire and it is hard to tell which one is better in Free Fire. In this article, we are going to compare the lifetime stats of these two players in Free Fire.

Sk Sabir Boss Vs Casual Gaming Free Fire

SK Sabir Boss' Free Fire ID and stats

SK Sabir Boss' Free Fire ID is 55479535.

Lifetime stats

SK Sabir has played a total of 28219 Squad matches. He won 9105 matches, making up a 32.26% win rate. He has a total of 99104 kills which translates to a K/D of 5.18.

He played a total of 1040 Dou matches with 624 wins and 8300 kills. He has a 20.52% win rate and a K/D ratio of 3.44 in Dou mode.

In Solo mode, he played a total of 1628 matches with 144 kills and 3307 kills. He has a win rate of 8.84% and a K/D ratio of 2.23 in this mode.

Sk Sabir Free Fire Stat

Casual Gaming's Free Fire ID and stats

Casual Gaming's Free Fire ID is 178770890.

Lifetime stats

Casual Gaming played a total of 6893 Squad matches with 1209 wins and 16714 kills. He has a win rate of 17.53% and a kill ratio of 2.94.

In Dou mode, he played 2590 games in total and won 296 of them, making up a win rate of 11.42%. He has a total of 5516, which translates to a 2.40 K/D ratio.

In Solo mode, he played 1439 games with 127 wins and 3334 kills. He has a win rate of 8.82% and a K/D ratio of 2.54 in this mode.

Casual Gaming Stats Free Fire

SK Sabir Boss vs Casual Gaming Comparison

Comparing the stats of these two players, SK Sabir Boss is obviously the winner as he has a much better K/D ratio as well as win rate in all modes. We can see SK Sabir Boss played Free Fire much more than Casual Gaming so it actually not surprising that he is the more experienced player.

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