Gloo Wall is a great tool for all Free Fire players to protect themselves and outplay the enemies with unique maneuvers. As useful as they are, Gloo Walls are not indestructible. Skyler and Xayne are the 2 best characters in Free Fire to deal with Gloo Walls. In this article, we are going to find out which one of them is the better Gloo Wall destroyer.

Skyler Vs Xayne in Free Fire

First, we are going to take a look at the ability of both Skyler and Xayne.

  • Skyler ability: Unleash a shock wave that destroys up to 5 Gloo Walls in its path (CD: 40 seconds). In addition, whenever you place a Gloo Wall, you get a health regeneration starting from 9.
  • Xayne ability: Immediately increase your health by 80 HP, which decays over 8 seconds. You also get a 100% bonus damage on Gloo Wall and shields (CD: 100 seconds).

Both characters are great at destroying Gloo Wall and being on the frontline of the battle but there are some differences.

Skyler is an excellent rusher with the ability to destroy Gloo Walls instantly and self-heal.

Who's better at destroying Gloo Wall?

Skyler's ability can destroy multiple Gloo Walls instantly plus the low cooldown of only 40 seconds. Furthermore, he also provides a great amount of healing whenever you place a Gloo Wall.

Meanwhile, Xayne still needs to deal damage to break Gloo Walls. Her ability gives 80 HP immediately but it is only temporary, not to mention her long cooldown so you won't be able to use the skill very often. However, Xayne can help you break Chrono 800 HP shield, which Skyler can't do.

Overall, Skyler is definitely a better character than Xayne to break Gloo Walls as well as to survive in combats.

Xayne Vs Chrono
Xayne is the only character to easily break Chrono's shield but Skyler is more recommended dealing with Gloo Wall.

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