PUBG Mobile has been growing a lot in recent years with millions of players from all around the world playing the game every day. Yet there are still tons of new players coming.

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The community has invented a lot of terms for fast communication

One of the most frustrating things when people first started playing PUBG Mobile is all the terms in the game that were developed by the community for faster communication. Today we are going to explain to you what all these terms mean and when to use them.

All special terms in PUBG Mobile

  • AFK: AFK stands for Away From Keyboard. While you don't need a keyboard while playing PUBG Mobile, this term is still often used when a player is not controlling their character even though they are still connected.
  • Noob: This is a term to indicate a player who is bad at the game.
  • FPP/TPP: These are First-Person Perspective and Third-Person-Perspective are the 2 games mode of PUBG Mobile.
The difference between TPP and FPP in PUBG
  • IGN: In-game-name, which is the name of your account in PUBG Mobile.
  • BRB: This stands for Be Right Back, meaning that the player will be not able to control their character for a short while.
  • WP: This means Well Played and is used as a compliment for their performance.
  • ADS: Aim-down-sight is when you open a scope or aim using the rail of the gun instead of hip firing.
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ADS is when you aim using your scope or the rail of the gun
  • Prefire: Prefire is to start firing before you even see the enemy to get an advantage.
  • OP: OP means overpower. It is used to describe something or someone that is too strong.
  • Boom Bam: This is a term used commonly by Indian streamers to describe something exciting.

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