If you're a big fan of soccer, you will be delighted to know that Super Soccer Champs 2019 is currently free to grab! The game was surprisingly released on the App Store right before the competition between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur in UEFA Champions League 2019.

Super Soccer Champs 2019 Jeu Iphone Ipad Foot 2
Super Soccer Champs 2019 is now up for grab on the App Store

In case this is the first time you hear that title, Super Soccer Champs is a soccer franchise by Uprising Games aka developer Elton Bird. The name Uprising may ring some bells if you've played his 2016 game called Tennis Champs Returns, which was also free and was one of the best game for tennis lovers, or just sports lovers in general. Super Soccer Champs was meant to retain its gentle and airy arcade appearance along with its surprising amount of depth and strategy. Check out the preview for the game below:

Basically, if titles like Sensible World of Soccer can make you excited, or your favorite kind of game is just some friendly sports titles that don't ask you to go through some 5-hour tutorial to get a general idea,  Super Soccer Champs 2019 will be definitely a proper choice for you.

Super Soccer Champs 2019 Surprise Lands In The App
The game just had a surprising launch for fans!

Super Soccer Champs 2018 was very entertaining, and this 2019 version of the game is a significant upgrade which offers online multiplayer for two individuals through Game Center. Local multiplayer is still available alongside a full squad and player data editor. You probably have a lot of things to do in the game with over 600 teams and 37 divisions from 27 countries. And remember, this game is free on the store. You can always download and enjoy it, and even purchase VIP access to the game if you're interested in premium materials. So don't hesitate to give Super Soccer Champs 2019 a try!