Teen Titans GO Figure! is an RPG which is based on Cartoon Network's iconic animated series Teen Titans. The gameplay is very simple: gather your superheroes to form a team and join 3-on-3  radical figure battles to compete with other random characters. Besides, users can play the story mode as 5 members of Teen Titans with original voice and stories from the cartoon. Moreover, players also have a chance to explore the Metropolis, Gotham and Jump City, or join tournaments at some locations like the Hall of Justice or Batcave. Let's have a look at Teen Titans GO! Figure if you haven't played it before:

There are more than 90 Teen Titan characters (figures) in the game like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and many more. Each figure has their own abilities and player need to work hard to level them up to make them stronger and unlock more powers. In addition, players can adjust their figures' appearances or even swap character’s abilities to make their own unique team.

Unite your team and join the battle

On 6th December, the “Legion of Doom" update will be released with an online multiplayer mode, which has been enthusiastically requested by fans. With this mode, players can battle against other teams owned by other players and will become the top player in the leaderboard.

Moreover, there will be new characters like Lex Luthor, Cheetah, The Riddler, as well as new cosmetic options and more. A new place to visit is the Hall of Doom and players can go there to join brand new tournaments and receive more missions. This new updated version will definitely take players a while to complete.

There will be more characters coming

Teen Titans GO Figure! is now available for both Android and iOS for all regions and at the end of next week, users will be able to experience the newest update. The game is suitable for the age above 8 and is a good game to play with friends.

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