Teamfight Tactics has stolen the crown of the most-played games of its original game - League of Legends back in its June's beta release. It's the Autochess-like variant of Riot's League of Legends, which has soared in popularity recently thanks to its strategical gameplay blended with the characters and items of Riot's flagship.

As more and more players are interested in this game and want to play it on-the-go, Riot gave mobile players a good news in its 10-year anniversary this October that Teamfight Tactics will have a mobile version, along side with LoL Mobile as well.

The game is supposed to come out in its beta state in early 2020, but recently, TFT Mobile lead designer Stephen Mortimer has revealed much narrower release windows. To be more specific, Teamfight Tactics Mobile will come out before May 31, 2020, but no specific date has been announced yet.

Before getting into the details, let's see the early footage of the game below:

Teamfight Tactics Mobile's release windows narrowed

Last Christmas, the Lead Designer of Teamfight Tactics (TFT for short) - 'MortDog' aka Stephen Mortimer has given us a precious gift on his Twitch stream. Alongside with a giveaway event for the audiences, Stephen also spoke about the beta release of TFT Mobile.

He stated that the game will come out in its beta state before May 31, 2020. Even though it still sounds very vague, TFT Mobile might not launch any earlier than May. Apart from that, the lead designer didn't share any specific information on supported devices or whether the mobile variant will be ripped off drastically from the PC version.

Tft Mobile Release Date 1
TFT Mobile will come out before May 31, 2020

However, we're quite sure that TFT Mobile will support both iOS and Android at the initial launch, so almost every mobile gamer can pick it up.

A brief overview of TFT Mobile

TFT Mobile will bring the most favorite features of its PC version, allowing to deploy your troops of LoL's champion into the "auto-battler" matches. The game provides dozens of champion's team comps regarding its classes and elements, which you can choose your own combination in situations.

Tft Mobile Release Date 2
Featuring LoL champions in auto-battling matches

Unlike its original MOBA game, players can't directly take part in the battles by controlling a champion, as all of them will take place automatically. What you can do is to deploy your troops, carefully planning on your position and ... relying on your luck.

In fact, TFT and TFT Mobile require a lot of luck to roll out the needed champions, as well as some random elements that can change the outcomes of the whole rounds as well. You don't have to play League of Legends or TFT before picking it up to understand how this game work, since most of the information you need is displayed on-screen, helping you keep up with the tasks.

Tft Mobile Release Date 3
You don't need to play LoL to understand this game

AlsoTFT Mobile will support cross-play, which means you can head to the battles with a lot of players playing the game on every platform. Considering how 'portable' the experience in the PC version is to mobile devices, the experience in this mobile version is very likely to stay nearly the same.

Last but not least, TFT Mobile will also feature emotes and icons, which players can make use to express their feelings as well as upsetting other players. Even though this one is not that important, some might still need it in their game to make it more entertaining.

Tft Mobile Release Date 4
TFT Mobile supports cross-play

Android users interested can pre-register for the game on Google Play Store now.