Minecraft servers are popular for being diverse and can drastically vary from each other although the whole game mode is similar. With many different servers out there, players can find it daunting to seek the most worth committing time one.

Well, our list explores a number among the best cracked Minecraft servers which consistently top through the year. Criteria used to sort the best cracked MC servers include beautiful builds, original gameplay techniques, popularity, and design for gamers.

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Try to see which server you like the most.

Browse our list and find the servers that you think are the most ideal for you!

10. Blockstackers

Server IP: play.block stackers.xyz

Check out the top 10 best-cracked servers for Minecraft that players appreciated.

What is the most popular cracked Minecraft server? Blockstackerz is named among the top 10 and it is totally worthy.

The server is a community-based semi-vanilla one whose goal is to bring Minecraft experience to everyone around the world. Its goal is also to create friendships and communities through fun.

9. MGU.One

Server IP: mgu.one

Mgu One
It ensures that players have the best experience playing Minecraft.

MGU One is a friendly server that intends to provide an alternative to the popular PvE server. As the name suggests, it is not what players would call PvP oriented nor hardcore.

As one of the top Minecraft cracked servers India, it strongly emphasizes competitiveness and game activities like mining, crafting, adventuring, fishing, and more.

They aim for the players to feel relaxed while having fun on their server.

8. ExtremeCraft

Server IP: extremecraft.net

The server has a lot of features that would help you enjoy the game immensely.

ExtremeCraft is another name to called among the best cracked Minecraft servers. The fantastic MC hub offers multiple game modes, consisting of a high-quality skyblock server.

Moreover, it has developed unique additions and modifications comparing to the default game mode. Hence, it will make your experience much more enjoyable.

Additionally, some of the features have island teams, a server-wide item auction system, crate keys, PvP events, and vote parties.

7. CosmicCraft

Server IP: MC.CosmicMC.net

Cosmic Craft
CosmicCraft has something you may not find on other servers.

Not only is it one of the best cracked Minecraft servers overall but CosmicCraft is also a favorite server on Discord. Undoubtedly, it has great moderators and plenty of details that make it more user-friendly.

On top of that, it also features daily giveaways for premium Nitro subscriptions on Discord. This is something you will not find on many other servers of Minecraft.

6. Dripcraft

Server IP: dripcraft.bestgame.host:25598

It is one of the best cracked MC servers and thrives off of friendships and community.

On average, two to five players are usually active on this server. Meanwhile, the maximum is always guaranteed with 20.

Furthermore, Dripcraft is safe for POC and LGBT+ to join without a worry. So, feel free to be you on Dripcraft!

5. Blockdrop

Server IP: allotherserversare.gay

Blockdrop is among the best cracked Minecraft servers.

This is the quickest-growing network at the moment. In fact, it is compatible with every version from 1.8 up to the latest Caves and Cliffs version.

For those who have not known, it has decent OP Prisons, OP factions servers, Bedwars, Skyblock, Survival. Its most up-to-date creation is a full custom sims-themed game named 'City Life'.

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4. MineMalia

Server IP: play.minemalia.com

Access to MineMalia to enjoy the best time with Minecraft.

MineMalia Network’s aim is to provide the utmost Minecraft experience for users. Hence, they offer unique, leg-free, and custom game modes.

Moreover, it offers an awe-striking survival experience with custom enchants, player shops, MCMMO, quests & jobs.

3. PikaNetwork

Server IP: mp.pika-network.net

Users also extremely appreciate PikaNetwork.

PikaNetwork is also one of the best cracked Minecraft servers considered by Indian players. It has almost every mode one can think of for the game.

Besides, it owns a considerable amount of creativity for mini-games. The network even pushes mini-games as one of its content along with thousands of game modes users can play.

2. JartexNetwork

Server IP: mp.jartexnetwork.com

JartexNetwork is surely well-known among gamers.

Another excellent MC server that offers various and well-known game modes for players is Jartex Network. Some of the most famous modes on this server are prison, factions, kitpvp. Also, is has lots of Minecraft players returning daily which is a testament to the fondness it receives.

However, what really sets it apart from other servers is the central quality of these modes. All of the aspects have well-refined and highly polished feels.

1. Herobrine

Server IP: Herobrine.org

What is the most popular cracked Minecraft server? The title goes to Hrobrine. For the unknown, the server’s name takes inspiration from the most viral creepypasta mystery.

Herobrine possesses a bunch of separate games like skyblock, survival, factions, among others. Also, it has an Earth which is a unique geopolitical game mode. Just make sure you will check it out.

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