If you have been following our site, you’ll know that we’ve been highly anticipating the launch of Widower’s Sky for months. Now, the game has finally arrived on the App Store, allowing us to experience it in all its glory.  We are super excited to try this one out to see if it actually plays as well as it looks.

If for some reason you’ve managed to miss all of our previous coverage about this game, then here’s a quick recap: It follows the story of a father, his son, and their dog as they explore various strange worlds.

Equipped with nothing but a bow and an awesome-looking slide tackle attack, the father must maintain the wellbeing of his son by protecting him from wild animals and alien machines as well as ensuring well-fed. So basically there's a mix between adventure and survival here.

The thing we find most interesting about Widower’s Sky is the way its story is presented. You will actually play in the future, while the events that happened in the past are covered by a narrator. Apparently, the two timelines will converge toward the end. Again, we are intrigued to see how successful that will turn out in practice.

Widowers Sky Gameplay 2
The father must protect his son from both wild animals and alien machines

And then of course there’re the visuals. We’ve said this in basically every single one of our article about Widower’s Sky but still feel like we cannot praise it enough: The game looks absolutely gorgeous. The environments, the characters, the lighting effects are all stunning. There is no questioning that this is one of the best-looking mobile games – in fact, one of the best video games in general – ever made.

Widowers Sky Lighting
The beauty of the game is just... beyond words

Still, that beauty does come at a cost: In order to run the game smoothly, you’ll need at least an iPhone 6/iPad Air 2 or a stronger device. The good news is, the game supports Mfi controllers, so if you prefer that over touch controls, then you should have no trouble using one.

Widower's Sky is now available on the App Store. Being a premium app, it'll cost you £4.99 (Rs 440), but of course that means no ads or IAPs will be included.