Casual and puzzle genres are among the most popular mobile games on the market. During the beginning of the mobile game industry, most games tend to be simple yet intriguing to drag players in. During the time of 2010, Cut The Rope stood out as one of the most popular games. And now, the franchise is staging a comeback with another iteration of the Cut The Rope franchise – Om Nom: Merge.

The game developer company Zeptolab first released the game Cut The Rope back then in 2010. With its incredible popularity, the mobile game developer continued to ride on the success of the game and released multiple sequels with various level packs. The latest games to date are released back in 2015.

Cut The Rope 01
With its easy and intriguing gameplay, Cut The Rope was among the most popular mobile games during the time of the early 2010s

Until May 2015, Cut The Rope franchise recorded around 600 million downloads across all of its titles. By 2018, the number crossed the impressive 1 billion mark.

How to play Cut The Rope

With the simple physical-based game mechanics, Cut The Rope is all about guiding the way for the candy to reach a cute green-ish frog named Om Nom. The sweet-toothed green creature will stay at a place while waiting for some candy treat. You have to carefully calculate and thing of a way to bring the candy to his place. Try to cut the right rope at the right time and see our little Om Nom munching on his favorite treat once we are done.

Cut The Rope 02
The cute Om Nom is the main attraction of the series

If you haven’t played the Cut The Rope franchise, it is definitely worth a try. The game is free on multiple platforms like mobile or PC. Or if you are a keen fan of Cut The Rope, tune in this November 28 to play the latest iteration your favorite game. You can also get a reminder by entering your email on the main website of Zeptoplab: