The PowerPuff Girls is one of the best-animated series on Cartoon Network ever. The series tells stories of 3 superpowered little girls Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup who were created by Professor Utonium in the lab by accident. The series was funny, wholesome along with some really touching episodes. It is definitely one of my favorite shows when I was a kid.

The PowerPuff Girls is one of the most famous series in Cartoon Network

Being a successful show, The PowerPuff Girls has a lot of spin-offs, from comic books, anime to a series of video games. And now, they are getting a new mobile game called The PowerPuff Girls: Monkey Mania.

In a recent press release, publisher Kongregate and developer Juicy Beast announced the game and revealed some gameplay and characters details. It's obvious from the name of the game that the main antagonist will be Mojo Jojo, trying to take away the girls' power again to create his own army. Players will get to fight off many iconic villains from the series with "plenty of deep cuts for diehard fans of the show."

Powerpuff Girls Monkey Mania Screenshot 2
The final boss will be Mojo Jojo

There will be four playable characters which are, of course, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup and the lastest PowerPuff Girl Bliss. Bliss has the same body size with huge eyes as other PowerPuff Girls while having long blue hair and a purple dress. Bliss was first thought to be Bubble’s imaginary friend but in fact, she is Bubble's long-lost older sister.

The game features an upgrade system with multiple options to create different play styles as players progressing through this colorful world.

Powerpuff Girls Monkey Mania Screenshot 1
Players will get to see some of the most infamous villains in the game

Cartoon Network has passed their prime for a long time now so it is nice to see that they still continue to support this old lovely creation. As one of the best things happened in the 1990s, the PowerPuff Girls has become an irreplaceable part of many people's childhood. Therefore, this is the chance for fans to relive their memory and take part in the world that they have always loved.

The game will be launched on iOS and Android later this year.