PUBG Mobile has been growing exponentially in India, and along with it are the various content creators and streamers making million on creating game-related content. If your aspiration is to be a PUBG Mobile content creator, there are quite a few requirements you would need to fulfill and an array of activities that must be completed.

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Some of the more successful PUBG Mobile content creators in India

In this article, we would list out some of the required items that you must have and the things you must take notice for your channel to take off. These are the tips and tricks from some of the most famous PUBG Mobile content creators like Sevou, Dynamo, Levinho... The road to becoming a successful YouTuber is long and tedious - you must be consistent and always have faith.

1 - Requirements - things you should prepare in order to become a streamer/content creator

  • A high tier phone like iPhone XR, One Plus 7T or the equivalent, along with a fast and stable internet connection.
  • You must reach at least Ace rank and have some of the more popular achievements like Sharpshooter, Pacifist... etc so that your credentials as a pro player could be believed. Yes, the most important requirement is that you have to be good at the game.
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Mortal, one of the most successful PUBG Mobile player, is also a streamer and YouTuber
  • Due to the insane competition in the market, merely being good is not enough anymore. You would need a good command of your language skill... or in other words, Charismatic. There are two directions that your stream could take - either gameplay or comedy but you can get a bit of both. Commentary is pretty important in both streams and videos.
  • Overall, you need to spend a lot of time playing - find squads, participate in tournaments, join clans... to improve both your gameplay and connection opportunity.
  • Video Editing skill

2 - Five most important actions to consider when your channel is completed

  • Try to get in contact/collab with other more famous pro players and channels. This way you would be able to reach the audience of both you and the other players. Be realistic, however - your channel of 1000 subs would probably not be able to reach out to a 1 million subs channel unless you have connections. If you don't, try to find some other people with about the same size as yours instead.
  • Have a consistent style – you can pick between videos that showcase your skill or videos that entertain your audience. Pick one and stick with it, however, occasionally deviation is not a bad thing.
  • Regularly upload content – you would need to play a lot and push out videos often. It is best to make a schedule and stick to it so that your followers would know when to expect new videos.
  • Thumbnails and titles are super important. You would need some image editing skills to create unique thumbnails and a decent, shocking title. It is really hard to attract people's attention nowadays.
Example of an effective thumbnail
  • You would also need to follow the news and whatever people are interested in at the moment to make videos about it - for example, the next update of PUBG Mobile or new items in the Elite Pass.
  • Keep your video at a moderate length - the YouTube Algorithm value both views and watch time equally. The ideal length is about 10-20 minutes.

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