Since the PUBG initial release in 2017, the Battle Royale genre has been dominating the gaming world in terms of player numbers across the globe. Bluehole made its approach to the portable market when joined forces with Tencent Games to publish PUBG Mobile. It’s now the biggest mobile game in India and has paved the way for multiple titles to enter this promising land. Today, we’ll guide you on a crucial part of PUBG gameplay - scopes, more specifically, the 6X. 

pubg mobile 6x control scopes crucial
Getting great scopes is crucial to PUBG Mobile gameplay

We all know that PUBG Mobile has quite an arsenal when it comes to weapons, attachments, armors, etc to help you win the game. To survive the barren island, the first step is to get yourself a great set of equipment - that should bring you a slight advantage. But, when it comes down to scopes, there are so many to choose from, each designed for a specific scenario. However, it’s never a good idea to carry all the scopes you picked up around the whole match. So, if you have to choose one, what would it be? The answer is the 6X scope. 

pubg mobile 6x control pic
Behold the 6X scope

Sitting right in that middle ground between close-range and long-range combat compatible, the 6X scope is a versatile piece of equipment that you should go for. It can be attached to your assault rifles, SMGs, DMRs, and sniper rifles. Plus, it is just a bit shorter in range compared to the 8X. The magnification value can be adjusted from 3X to 6X to fit the scenario that you’re fighting in. However, the increased recoil is something that most players have to deal with when using a 6X to spray. Here are 3 tips you need to counter that.  

#1 Set The Magnification Value to Fit the Combat Range

Before getting into a fight, it’s a great idea to measure the distance between you and your opponents. This not only helps you adjust the range of the scope but also gives a sense of how to aim to compensate for the shot. The further the enemies, the higher you aim, but that’s another tip that we’ll go into details later. 

pubg mobile 6x control measure distance
Measure the distance before you shoot

#2 Practice the Recoil Pattern

You can attach the 6X scope on a variety of weapons, but of course, it will be harder to shoot because of the enhanced recoil. It’s the same as when you zoom in with your phone camera, even the smallest movement cause the camera to shake violently. So, how do you fix that? The only way is through practice. Choose a favorite gun, and learn how to control its recoil with a 6X scope on. 

pubg mobile 6x control setting
You can also change the settings to which suits your playstyle

#3 Limit the Spraying

As we’ve stated before, spraying when using the 6X scope isn’t for beginners. Most of the time you’ll see your gun pointing at the sky if you don’t have enough practice with it. So, unless you’re comfortable with controlling the recoil, we suggest sticking to tapping only when using a 6X. 

pubg mobile 6x control spray
Don't spray if you're not comfortable with the scope

Many players tend to spray when using scopes. Over long distances, always use single shots and shoot in short bursts, so that you have low recoil and most of your shots land on the enemy.