Shaders are a type of graphic mods in Minecraft that allow players to improve how the game looks. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 best shaders for Minecraft Pocket Edition in 2021.

1. EVO Shader

EVO Shader is a brand new shader released in 2021. It has a lot of new features like FBM cloud, realistic water wavy, cloud shadow, sun glare, realistic lighting... and many more. This shader would make your Minecraft PE looks like a brand new game.

This shader is also fairly optimized - even a low-end phone should be able to run it. There are 5 levels of graphical settings that you could choose: Low, Low Standard, Standard, Extreme and Custom. This shader supports the newest versions of Minecraft, 1.16 and 1.17.

EVO Shader Download link

EVO Shader 
EVO Shader is one of the best shaders for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

2. Ultra Realismo Shader Lite

Ultra Realism Shader Lite v1.1 is a new low-resource realistic shader that can make the game look good without demanding too much from the system. This shader is based on Mojang's canceled project, the Super Duper Graphics Pack.

This shader improves the coloring of the world, adding beautiful and realistic sky, realistic shadow and waters, plant movements, fog... and even plant movement. The improvements can be clearly seen on sunrise and sunset, with the reflection of the sun in the water.

Ultra Realism Shader Lite Download link

Ultra Realismo Shader Lite
Ultra Realismo Shader Lite for MCPE

3. ESBE_3G Shader

ESBE_3G is another shader pack for Bedrock Edition/Minecraft PE that uses fewer resources from your device. Even a super old phone like the iPhone 5s is enough to run this shader.

Color and lighting are the best part of this shader, with the tone map using NTSC weighted average method. Sky and water are enhanced greatly as well, with beautiful clouds, aurora and sparkling stars, alongside water reflection and correct cloud position. Plant movement is also part of ESBE.

ESBE_3G Download link

ESBE_3G Shader

4. Fantasy Vanilla

Fantasy Vanilla is a shader that focuses on keeping the original aesthetics of Minecraft while adding a few cool twists. The best part about Fantasy Vanilla is that it can run on lower end devices with 1-2 GB of RAM.

Similar to the previous shaders on this list, Fantasy Vanilla improves the world's coloring, adding realistic shadows, lighting, skies and waters. The rain effect and fog are the most advanced part of the shader - they are really realistic looking.

Fantasy Vanilla Download link

Fantasy Vanilla
Fantasy Vanilla Shader is one of the best shaders for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

5. Haptic Shader

Being one of the most popular Minecraft shaders for Android devices, Haptic Shader aims to enhance the illuminations of your world with pure vibrant and vivid colors, fluid waving animations, brilliant skies, and smooth shadows. Performance wise, this shader is that it is really light and can provide a lag-free experience.

You can pick between various kinds of shader themes or create your own custom theme. The best parts about Haptic Shader are its Visual Realistic Moon, Borderless Glass, and Brighter Oceans.

Haptic Shader Download link

Haptic Shader
Haptic Shader for MCPE

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