Garena has been released various fun "arcade game modes" as part of events in the past. They are usually very creative - some of them are fan favorites that get brought back multiple times in various events. In this article, we would list out the top 5 best special game modes in Garena Free Fire.

Only special modes are counted - Clash Squad and Team Deathmatch would not be on this list.

5 - Gun King

Free Fire All Mode List

In this mode, players would have to make kills using different weapons... and every time they do it, the weapon would change. There are 14 weapons on the list, with the knife being the last one. Overall, this is a super fun mode that challenges players to use weapons they are not familiar with to get kills.

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4 - Bomb Squad

Free Fire All Mode List

This mode pretty much turns Free Fire into CS:GO. In bomb squad, 2 teams with 5 players each would fight against each other, with one team has to plant the bomb and the other team has to prevent it from exploding. This mode is best for players who want to experience Counter-Strike gameplay with Free Fire weapons and characters.

3 - Explosive Jump

Free Fire All Game Mode

In this mode, every player would spawn with a Grenade Launcher and a pair of Jumping shoes that enable them to double jump. Overall, it is a super fun mode with people bouncing around and firing grenades at each other's faces.

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2 - Cold Steel

Free Fire All Game Mode

Similar to explosive jump, in this mode, 20 players would spawn in a small area, each equipped with throwing knives. The last one standing after 10 minutes would win the match.

1 - Rampage

Free Fire All Mode List

The best arcade mode in Free Fire. In Rampage 2.0, 2 teams of 4 would compete in capturing 3 locations on the map. After a certain amount of time, one location out of those 3 would lit up and the teams need to fight to capture it. The captured spot would provide points over time - the first team with 100 points would win the match.

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