Last year, PUBG Mobile is the highest-grossing game and one of the most download games of the year. We also had many impressive tournaments as well as updates and additions to enjoy in 2019. And this year, expect new features to come and enjoy them. Check out the top 5 things players hope to see in PUBG Mobile in 2020.


A video on YouTube showing the gameplay in the beta version of the PUBG Mobile Chinese version unveiled a new feature. It revealed that we can hope to see drones in the international version of this game soon. The developers seem to add this feature to the game for observation rather than chasing and killing the opponents. It would be fun to see drones in this battle royale game.

Drones In Pubg Mobile
Drones In PUBG Mobile

Erangel 2.0

This is a highly-expected update in PUBG Mobile in 2020. Tencent Games announced the coming of the enhanced map Erangel, the most popular map in this mobile game. This updated version is expected to bring players more detailed graphics and better experiences. Hopefully, we can see and play in a new Erangel island in 2020.

Erangel 2 0 Is Coming
Erangel 2 0 Is Coming To PUBG Mobile

Color Blind Mode

The Color Blind Mode is also a highly-awaited feature in PUBG Mobile this year. Back to the global finales of PMCO 2019 Fall Split, General Manager Vincent Wang announced the coming of this new feature. He revealed that the Color Blind Mode will come to this game in 2020. It would be a step to expand the influence scale of this battle royale.

Color Blind Mode
Color Blind Mode Is Coming Soon

90Hz/120Hz Mode

90Hz/120Hz displays have already been added to PUBG Mobile in 2019. But sadly, this game still runs at 60fps. Obviously, it’s hard to raise the frame rate quickly, especially with heaps of bugs existing in the game. However, now we can await a high frame rate mode to come in 2020. It would be one of the most expected new features in 2020.

90hz 120hz Mode With Better Gaming Experience
90Hz/120Hz Mode With Better Gaming Experience

New Team Death Match Map

A brand-new TDM map of Ruins has come in 2019, bringing players lots of excitement and new experience. This year, we might have a new TDM map to play. According to the rumors, the ice castle coming in new Winter Mode last year could be the foundation for the upcoming TDM in 2020.

New Ice Castle Might Be The New Tdm Map
New Ice Castle Might Be The New TDM Map

Royale Pass Season 11 is coming next week with lots of new features and enhancements. This year, what are you expecting to have in PUBG Mobile in 2020?