Despite being released 17 years ago, GTA San Andreas is still one of the best open-world games to date. It offered a lot of good features that even GTA 5 was not able to replicate. A lot of leaks have been revealed about GTA 6, and in this article, we are going to list out the top 5 features in GTA San Andreas that Rockstar should add to GTA 6.

1 - Body types

GTA San Andreas has robust customization for its time. This is one of the most defining aspects that was left out of GTA 5. Outside of hairstyles, personal clothing, facial hair, GTA SA players can even change CJ's body traits.

CJ body types
CJ's body type is one of the best features in GTA San Andreas.

CJ starts at "medium" physique - players can eat a lot of food in game to make CJ fatter or work out a lot to make him muscular. This trait also affects gameplay, as the fat and muscle ratio will determine his ability to run, climb and punch.

There are also unique reactions with other characters commenting on your body type. Rockstar should definitely bring this back in GTA 6, as this is one of the few parts that GTA SA did better than GTA 5.

2 - Gang wars

The role of gangs in GTA 5 is fairly minimal. Overall, they are scrapped in favor of more "grandiose crimes". In GTA SA, Gang Wars is an unique system that increases the replayability of the game, incentivizing players to explore more of Los Santos.

GTA 6 should definitely have this feature, with players battle the gangs and physically capture territory, similar to what CJ did in GTA SA. It is fun to get armies of opponents swarming from time to time.

Got caught as a burglar
Got caught as a burglar in GTA SA

3 - Vigilante, Paramedic and Burglar side missions

Players can temporarily work as either an enforcer of law, paramedic, or burglar. All these activities are strangely absent in GTA 5. While these activities are not unique, they definitely made GTA SA's world more real and increase the number of things you can do while driving around the city.

Getting these activity quests back in GTA 6 would be a godsend. They are some of the best features in GTA San Andreas.

4 - The ability to purchase houses

In GTA SA, players can purchase properties in almost every area to use as safe houses. Some of the properties are really cool and in the best of locations. While players could buy a house on GTA Online and then sell it, there is no way to purchase anything in GTA 5's story mode.

GTA 6 should definitely add this feature, as having the ability to buy and own properties of your own makes the game much more real and immersive.

Acquiring the jetpack
Players can acquire the jetpack in GTA San Andreas.

5 - Jetpack

This is another feature that was added back in GTA Online but absent in GTA 5's story mode. Having the access to a jetpack would make the end game much easier, allowing you to explore all corners of the map and complete all quests.

GTA 6 is going to be a big game, and having the jetpack as an alternate method of transportation would definitely be a good idea.

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