While GTA San Andreas is an old game and beating it is much easier than GTA 4 or GTA 5, there are certain useful weapons that let you complete the game even faster. In this article, we are going to showcase the most useful weapons in GTA San Andreas.

5 - Micro SMG

The Micro SMGs are the easiest weapons to use in the early game of GTA: SA. While their accuracy is not that high, Micro SMGs are easy to find and have a wide range of uses.

For instance, players can run while holding the Micro SMG. This allows them to escape enemies or repositioning while fire back at the same time. It is best to use this weapon at close range and fire small bursts to maintain accuracy. The Micro SMG can also be used on drive-bys.

You can also use the Micro SMG while wearing a jetpack, a feat that the regular SMG can't do.

Micro SMG
Micro SMG is one of the most useful weapons in GTA San Andreas.

4 - M4

The carbine rifle M4 is useful in most combat situations due to its versatility. In exchange for the lower damage, the M4 is more precise than the AK 47, has a better range, and lower recoil.

Players have a much easier time landing headshots using the M4, which is super valuable as enemies will start wearing body armor after a certain point in the story. When that happens, only headshots are effective.

The M4 is especially useful in the final missions, in which players need to remove enemies from long distances.

3 - Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is a great way to cause widespread mayhem to their surrounding. This works great when players want to clear out a crowd or screw around the town a little. Not many things could survive a direct rocket launcher explosion in this game. From gang members to vehicles, everyone will be destroyed in one hit.

There is also a heat seeking variant of the rocket launcher. It uses a special targeting system to find nearby enemies. Because of this, players can use it for annoying missions like High Noon, in which they have to chase down Eddie Pulaski.

Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launcher in GTA:SA

Players can also use a cheat code to give the rocket launcher to everyone in GTA SA then activate another code to cause people to fight each other. This results in utter chaos across the city.

2 - Combat Shotgun

Combat shotguns are one of the most damaging weapons in GTA San Andreas. While it is not as strong as pump shotguns, the variant has a higher fire rate. Using this gun, players would be able to clear out enemies in seconds. It is best to use the combat shotgun in close quarters, especially when hiding behind the alleyways. Enemies would run into you and get instantly killed.

Another useful feature of this weapon is its ability to destroy vehicles fast. A few shots to the engine will blow any vehicle up.

1 - Minigun

The minigun is GTA:SA's easy mode. It sacrifices speed for damage and a high fire rate. The Minigun can shred anything under its barrels in seconds. Furthermore, players can aim this gun with surgical precision, as it has no recoil.

To increase the power of the minigun even further, players can glitch for unlimited ammo in the mission Up, Up, and Away! This would be very useful for the last act of GTA San Andreas, with the gang warfare and final missions.

The minigun is one of the most powerful weapons in GTA San Andreas.

This is the end of our guide for the most useful weapons in GTA San Andreas. Interested in more of our articles related to the GTA Series? Check out this article to find out more about GTA San Andreas Girlfriend Cheat Code.