Many Genshin Impact players are waiting for their favorite characters to come back. But many characters haven't been rerun for a long time. Check out the top 5 Genshin Impact characters who have been absent from the game for a long time.

Long Time No See
Long-time-no-see characters

#5. Xiao & Yelan

Both Xiao and Yelan have been absent for 11 banners. The last time we saw them in the character banner was in the first phase of Update 2.7. It's also the first release of Yelan. Xiao is a strong Anemo DPS with powerful AoE burst jumps. Meanwhile, Yelan is the best Hydro supporter in the game now.

The release of Yelan allows Genshin players to build many new powerful teams with effective elemental reactions. Luckily, Genshin players will have a chance to roll this character in the next update 3.4.

Xiao And Yelan
Xiao and Yelan have been absent for nearly six updates.

#4. Kamisato Ayaka

It's been 12 banners since the last time Ayaka was present in a character banner. The last rerun banner of this Cryo main DPS was in the second phase of Update 2.6. Since the first release in version 2.1, Ayaka has only two banners while Raiden Shogun and Kokomi have had three banners.

Ayaka has a lot of fans, both in Teyvat and in the real world. Nevertheless, this strong Cryo DPS is pretty rare. Her elemental burst is very powerful and effective to deal with dangerous bosses, especially in Spiral Abyss.

Genshin Impact Ayaka
Ayaka is also highly anticipated.

#3. Shenhe

Genshin Impact players who didn't get Shenhe in Update 2.4 may feel regretful a lot because she hasn't come back for 17 banners. Shenhe is one of the most beautiful Waifu characters in Genshin Impact with an outstanding appearance and unique design.

Though Shenhe is not the most flexible supporter in Genshin Impact, she is the best supporter of Cryo teams. Ayaka, Ganyu, and Eula get insane buffs from Shenhe. Many players even built Shenhe as the main DPS because of her great ATK status.

Genshin Impact Shenhe Character
Fans want to get Shenhe's rerun banner.

#2. Eula

Eula is also a long-time-no-see character in Genshin Impact. She has been absent from the game for 19 banners. The last time Genshin Impact players could roll this character was in Update 2.3. Eula is a strong physical DPS character with powerful normal attacks and an insane burst.

According to some recent leaks, Eula may come back to the game with Mika after update 3.5. Mika is a useful Cryo supporter for physical DPS like Eula.

Eula May Come Back After Update 3 5
Eula may come back after update 3.5.

#1. Hu Tao

It's been 20 banners since the last time Genshin players could roll Hu Tao in Update 2.2. Luckily, she will come back with a rerun banner in the next update 3.4 with Yelan. Hu Tao is the strongest main DPS for single targets, but she is also the rarest character in this game now.

Hu Tao is even more powerful when she gets support from Xingqiu and Eula. Besides, her signature weapon Staff of Homa also returns with her. As this Pyro DPS is very rare, you should save Primogems for Hu Tao and get her right in the next version.

Hu Tao Will Return In The Next Update
Hu Tao will return in the next update.

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