As Battlegrounds Mobile India is a free game, the developer Krafton makes money by selling cosmetic items. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 most expensive outfits in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

5. Demigod Gladiator Set

This outfit was released as part of a limited-time lucky spin of PUBG Mobile Season 9. It came bundled with an exclusive emote and created a lot of hype in the PUBG Mobile community, both fans and content creators alike. Some even spent over 25k UC to obtain this set.

The Demigod Gladiator set turns the user into a Greek warrior, with the same armor style as the famous Spartan Soldier. Based on the name, it is likely that this set took inspiration from Hercules, a demigod in Greek mythology.

BGMI Demigod Gladiator Set
Demigod Gladiator Set

4. Yeti Suit

The Yeti Suit is actually one of the most expensive outfits ever released in BGMI/PUBG Mobile. It can only be acquired from the Classic Crate... and the chance for a specific exclusive drop is super low. A few prominent BGMI players managed to get this - it is estimated that you need about 50k UC.

Upon wearing the Yeti Suit, players will turn into a Yeti, with their whole body covered by white fur.

BGMI Yeti Suit
Yeti Suit

3. Golden Pharaoh X Suit

This is the first X suit released in PUBG Mobile and is one of the first outfits that can be upgraded. It also came with an exclusive emote. While the basic form of the outfit is not that expensive, players need to spend about 90-120k UC to fully upgrade it.

The Golden Pharaoh X Suit turns the wearer into a mechanical pharaoh, with golden ornate armor and muscles of steel. It is one of the flashiest sets ever released in the game.

BGMI Golden Pharaoh X Suit
Golden Pharaoh X Suit

2. Poseidon X Suit

Another entry of the X Suit line. The Poseidon X Suit is based on the Greek Sea God Poseidon, with stunning animation effects and an exclusive entry emote. To max out this outfit, you would need to spend a ludicrous amount of 100k - 150k UC in average.

Similar to the previous Golden X suit, the Poseidon X suit is a golden ornate battle armor, with a secondary color of blue. It has a lot of additional effects and a trident as well.

Pubg Mobile Poseidon X Suit
Poseidon X Suit is the newest and one of the most expensive outfits in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Note that you should refer to reliable UC purchase websites to get enough UC for this suit instead of resorting to illegal sites that advertise free UC BGMI such as zust2help.

1. Blood Raven X Suit

The Blood Raven X Suit is often seen on Dynamo, one of the biggest streamers of BGMI in major tournaments. Despite being older than the Poseidon, it is actually a fair bit more expensive. On average, a streamer needs to spend about 130-180k UC to max it out.

The skin is a black and red battle armor, with decorative details inspired by the ravens. Many parts of the suit are covered by feathers and feather motifs.

Pubg Mobile Blood Raven X Suit
Blood Raven X Suit is the most expensive outfit in Battlegrounds Mobile India at the moment.

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