Rare occurrences in Genshin Impact stem from player's luck, while updates introduce new content and challenges. Many fans have shown their undying dedication to the game, but sometimes the outcome is not as fruitful as they expected. Whether it's a new player or a seasoned user, these are the rarest things to happen in Genshin Impact.

Pull the correct 5-star weapon from weapon banners

In Genshin Impact, one of the rarest occurrences is successfully obtaining a desired 5-star weapon from the weapons banner.

The challenge is you have to overcome the already difficult banner odds and navigate the 50/50 chance of getting the featured weapon. Unlike character banners with a single 5-star character, weapons banners offer two different 5-star weapons simultaneously.

This makes it even more challenging to obtain the weapon that you want. While there is a special pity system in place to ensure the desired pull, it may require up to 240 pulls. And that is an exorbitant number that poses a significant liability, especially for free-to-play (F2P) players.

Weapon Banner Pity
Weapon banner sometimes is even harder than character banner.

Get artifact pieces with the best stats

Each character and each gameplay requires specific artifacts. To get the best artifacts, you will have to join various domain challenges or events, and ring them as a reward.

In Genshin Impact, Artifacts' main stat and sub-stats are randomly generated, leaving players uncertain about what attributes they will get.

Players face an ongoing struggle against the game's RNG system in their quest to pull the correct piece with the ideal stats. While Artifact Lockboxes can aid in farming specific sets, they do not grant newer and superior Artifact sets.

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Obtain the right material from weekly boss fights

Obtaining the right Talent materials from weekly boss fights in Genshin Impact is also quite rare. While not as challenging as farming Artifacts, it can still lead to frustration.

Each boss drops three types of items, and players may not get the specific material they need for their characters. Moreover, there's a limit to how many times a boss can be challenged weekly. This factor can extend the farming time if luck isn't on their side.

Although getting the correct materials quickly is uncommon, players have a partial solution.

Defeat Weekly And Normal Bosses
Weekly boss fights are a pain.

They can use Dream Solvent to transform other unique items dropped by the boss into the desired material. For example, La Signora's Ashen Heart can be converted into a Molten Moment for Raiden Shogun farming.

While not perfect, it does ease some frustration from undesirable drops in the loot pool.

Enough resources to upgrade a character

Another rare occurrence in Genshin Impact is obtaining a new 5-star character and being able to fully upgrade them without additional farming.

Leveling up a 5-star character from level 1 to 90, along with their Talents, requires significant time and resources. However, some players who have diligently pre-farmed and effectively utilized their daily Resin may have enough resources to achieve this feat.

Unlike luck-based aspects such as banners or Artifact drops, this situation relies more on a player's dedication to the game's farming systems.

Nevertheless, it remains a rare occasion. Mora and materials are continuously in demand for the slew of characters and weapons. Having ample resources to immediately upgrade a unit without the need to detour is a seldom-seen achievement in Genshin Impact.

Find every Oculi without Oculus Resonance Stones

In Genshin Impact, finding all the Oculi in a region without using Oculus Resonance Stones is exceptionally rare.

Genshin Impact Electroculi Electroculus Locations
Genshin Impact rare occurrence: find all Oculis yourself.

While most Oculi appear on the mini-map, locating the last ones can be extremely challenging, especially in vast regions with hundreds of hidden Oculi scattered across the open-world map. Oculi are often well-concealed and may require solving puzzles to access, demanding both dedication and keen exploration.

The Oculus Resonance Stones are valuable aids when searching for the final Oculi to fully upgrade a regional Statue of the Seven, making finding all of them without this assistance an exceptionally rare feat in the game.

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