When you are heading into PUBG Mobile, expecting to have some good time with some nice random people on the Internet and eat some Chicken Dinner, these types of teammates appear in your squads and ruin your whole game. Each of them has their own ways to ruin your game from stealing your loot, destroying your vehicles,... but these 5 types of teammates below are the worst. They are the ones that you sometimes rather just quit the game and find a new match.

5. The teammate who never goes with the team

I can't understand why someone would find random squads matches and not play together with the rest of the team. They just randomly land in a random location on their own. These people will spend their entire match to find the best loot and for most of the time, get killed by some other squads. And if they can actually survive to group up, they will just randomly go Rambo in a fight and get killed for nothing or even worse, get the whole team killed for following them.

There is always one guy in your squad who always drops alone and die early

These people may not the worst type of teammates, but they are really annoying to play with and sadly, you will most likely have one in your squads most of the time.

4. The teammate who never shares their loot

You are running in the Blue Zone with only Bandages and is nearly dead, but your teammate who is at full health full boost keep insisting that they don't have any spare healing items. Yeah, I am sure they have none.

Some players will never let go of their 4x or 8x scope even though they are using an Uzi and UMP9. They will never give those scopes away to some teammates who are using Kar98 or M24 with a Red Dot because they just might get a sniper rifle in the next house.

Greedy Teammates Hiding Scopes From You Scope 1 6

Or some players think that 300 bullets are not enough at all and they need to loot more ammo from dead crates.

This is not how you play with a team at all. Your selfishness will hold down the power of the whole team. Trying to be the last man standing in your team won't make you the last man standing in your game.

3. The teammate who never says anything

Communication between teammates is an important part of any team game. Communicating well will your teammate will give your team great advantages over other teams on the battlefield and have more chances to get the Chicken Dinner.

Maxresdefault 1
The auto voice in PUBG Mobile is pretty good, but you can't use it in critical situations

You queue into a game and say "Hi" to all your lovely teammates who are going to a battle of life and death on an isolated island. No one reply. Maybe they didn't hear it so you try again and again but there is no response at all. There is a really high chance that they already muted their chat, and probably their mic as well even before the game start. Sometimes, one will reply to you with in-game signals, voice commands, ping,... or not. Sometimes they are nice and help you with looting, killing. However, in critical moments no means of communication can be as good as voice chat

2. The teammate who talks too much

Now, this type is even worse than people who don't say anything. These types of players are usually kid, hot-headed people. Playing the game with them makes you feel like you are in real battleground (not in a good way) with all the shouting, demanding, random high pitch voices of some kid speaking some unknown languages. You will not be able to have any meaning or helpful talks with all the screams about how bad you are. I am sure that your mind will be blown up in real life before other players do that to you in the game.

Playing with angry gamers who always shouting is very exhausting

Some people don't talk much but they let their mic open and let the whole team listen to all the noise in the background such as the sound their mom is complaining, or worse, the sound of all other people in the internet cafe they are sitting in. It is super loud and distracting, preventing you from focusing on the game.

If you hear a kid in the chat voice, quit immediately

Your only choice to deal with these people is to mute them for the rest of the game.

1. The teammate who kills their own team

In this list, this is the worst type of player ever which you would want to avoid at any cost or might as well just quit the game before they made you leave with their weapons. While in PUBG Mobile. they have minimized almost all the way for people to kill their teammate, but they still managed to find ways to kill you such as using grenades, cars. While the other above types of players are not exactly the best types of people that you want to play with, at least you all have the same goal to win the game, even though their execution is bad.

Pubg Loot Airdrop2
Some players in PUBG Mobile are ready to kill you over just a supply drop

People who kill their teammate doesn't even care about winning at all. All they want is to have fun by ruining the playing experience of other players. Some kill you just because they want to steal your weapons, loot or because you disagree with them. Some will even revive you and wait for you to heal up then kill you again.

This kind of player is not only the one that you should avoid but you should also report them so their account will get banned.

What do you think about these types of teammates in PUBG Mobile? How is your experience with bad teammates in PUBG Mobile? Please tell us about your own story in the comment.

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