Many gamers would agree that Heroes of Might and Magic (HoMM) 3 is one of the best games ever. Some would say that it is a biased opinion as many grew up playing those classic games like HoMM series - the third version in particular, with all of its unofficial mods and expansions.

It is not easy for any video game to have similar complexity and also popularity of HoMM III, but there have been many attempts from a lot of developers to somewhat replicate the game in the mobile platform. Now close to 20 years since its launch, let’s take a look at some alternatives being available on the mobile platform in the below list of games similar to the Heroes of Might and Magic in Android and iOS. Obviously, you should not expect those games to be exactly like any of the HoMM series but there will be a lot of similarities.

1. Dungeon & Heroes

A free-of-charge game that has a similar look to HoMM, at least when exploring the map. Unfortunately for those seeking games that offer them the same experience as HoMM, there are not many similarities between those two besides from what I have just mentioned and turn-based combat. Well, at least you can experience the same feeling in exploring a map which can bring you some sweet nostalgia.

Another freemium game that looks a lot like HoMM, at least when it comes to exploring the map. Unfortunately, that’s about the only thing that it has in common – so no deep, turn-based combat is present. But at least you have an option and that exploring part will definitely bring back some sweet nostalgia.

There is also an available guide for this game so if you should take a look at it first to get a head start in the game. The game is available in both Google Play and App Store.

2. The Banner Saga 1 & 2

Both Banner Saga 1 and 2, which are different from HoMM in many ways, are available on mobile. There are no treasure boxes, no castle or exploring map in a horse and also there are no fantasy creatures for your army but do not disappoint as many would argue that both Banner Saga and HoMM are satisfied and beautiful in their own way.

Turn-based combat is the thing that makes these two games interesting and also its high quality.  So despite The Banner Saga 1 & 2 have next to nothing similar to the HoMM games, I would still recommend you to try the game and you may be surprised how good the games are.

You can download both games on Android and iOS via the following links:

The Banner 1: Android

The Banner 2: Android

3. King’s Bounty Legions

King’s Bounty, developed by Nival, is a game series that can resemble the most features of the Heroes of Might and Magic games. A few games in the series are available for PC while only one hit the mobile platform which is King’s Bounty Legions. It can be a bit less impressive for people who favor premium games but it is still a good game to play.

As mentioned, this mobile version is free to play but it is also the version that takes most of the depth of the premium Kings’ Bounty games, combat, and creatures system in particular and offers those in a highly addictive and polished game. You will be able to build your own army and fight a variety of enemies, casting many spells and making challenging tactical decisions similar to the HoMM games. I would highly recommend this game.

4. Little Lords of Twilight

This is a very interesting game that got many people’s attention, although I personally think it should have been ranked as one of the top games. With nice mechanics, turn-based combat and also many elements of gameplay to adapt to such as the day/night mechanic that can influence heroes in the battles and many other interesting features.

5. Lords of Discord

A game developed by HeroCraft, this is a solid free-to-play game that can be an alternative game to HoMM. Lords of Discord focuses mostly on its battle and plays which is pretty similar to the game King’s Bounty Legions. It may lack a little bit in terms of variety and complexity but still can be considered a nice and fun game to play.

6. Heroes 2: The Undead King

Another good game that is inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic games but it obviously does not capture all of HoMM features. But features like casting spells, exploring lands and the notable turn-based combat are also included in the game. In spite of the game’s cartoony graphics, this game offers really complex and deep experiences to gamers.

7. Heroes: Forgotten Realm

The visuals of this game are somewhat identical to those in the HoMM games. But I guess it is different enough to be listed in Google Play and App Store. Personally, I would say this game is like a HoMM game to some degree. The troops and the graphics can be a bit different but this game is one of the best alternatives you can find if you are seeking the experience you got from the original HoMM games.

There is only an iOS version of this game at the moment

8. Free Heroes 2

I left this for the last because this is rather an emulator or game engine than a game. This allows you to enjoy the original HoMM II on devices powered by Android (not on iOS yet).

You obviously need a copy of the HoMM II game and you need to copy the game data on your devices to get the game working but if you cannot do it for whatever reasons, you still have another option of downloading the Demo. Unfortunately, in the end, if you want to fully play the game then you need to figure out how to find a copy of HoMM II. You can download Free Heroes 2 for your devices right now via this link.

As mentioned earlier, you have many options to choose from. These games are not as beautiful and complex as the classic Heroes of Might and Magic III, but some of those managed to make it pretty close to the original version. All of them are worth playing as we carefully pick those games. So if you want to get back the memories from the good old Heroes of Might and Magic 3, don’t hesitate and give those games a try now.