Even though GTA 5 has yet to make its own way into Android or iOS, Rockstar Games still gives people the opportunity to step into the action-adventure landscape of this franchise with GTA San Andreas, Vice City, or GTA 3.

In addition to these options, players can also install free-to-play mods to get some new vibes in your gameplay. Here’re five best GTA mods for Android you guys should try out at any time.

1. Hardcore Gang Wars for San Andreas

Gta Mods 1
Hardcore Gang Wars for San Andreas

The plot of GTA San Andreas mainly revolves around intense street wars between gang groups, which dominate different areas in the city. You can create a badass squad on your own and start to fight off other cliques to take over the neighborhoods. Hardcore Gang Wars mod even tones up the tension of such gang wars with more violence and hardcore themes.

2. 100% Savegame for San Andreas

Gta Mods 2
100% Savegame for San Andreas

100% Savegame mod, in a word, unlock all the locked elements in GTA San Andreas as its name suggested. You can carry along every in-game item you’ve dreamed about, from driving hypebeast vehicles to owning lethal loadouts or lavish mansions. This mode gives you tons of cash to buy unlimited weapons and to have fun with 100% completed gang hoods.

3. New Graphics Mod for Vice City

Gta Mods 3
New Graphics Mod for Vice City

Vice City could be a decent pick in spite of the very dated graphics, but here's the catch: New Graphics Mod enables you to approach an overhauled version of Vice City comprising of detailed texture and vibrant gameplay. The game has never been that good since this fantastic mod was released.

4. Crouch Mod for Vice City

Gta Mods 4
Crouch Mod for Vice City

The GTA Vice City edition on Android actually lacks a crouch button for the protagonist Tommy Vercetti, resulting in a so-called pain for players whenever they want to avoid stray bullets or take care of some foes. The Crouch Mode then came to resolve this hiccup, letting you make accurate moves in the game with ease.

5. Chinatown Wars in Actual 3D

Gta Mods 5
Chinatown Wars in Actual 3D

This mode looks like the ultimate alternative to GTA Chinatown Wars in terms of graphical style. The original version is now rendered in 3D, and it’s obviously a selling point for itself as compared to other GTA mods available on the Internet for the time being.