LEGO Tower is launching on Android and iOS today. Based on the game Tiny Tower from developer NimbleBit, this crossover will allow you to populate your… LEGO towers with plenty of cute Minifigures. Given that Tiny Tower is a very popular game with over 10 million players, we are having high expectations for this new release.

LEGO Tower trailer

Build Your Own LEGO Tower:                                            

In LEGO Tower, your main goal is to build a nice skyscraper and rent it out to businesses and residence for income, which you can then use to keep expanding your tower. It’s basically a simulation game, but there are also some other tasks beside management that you must pay attention to. For example, you will have to control the elevator of your building to deliver people to the floor they want to reach in time. There’s also an online mode in which you can visit your friends’ towers and maybe lend them a helping hand.

Lego Tower 2
Build a prosperous tower and control the elevator to deliver residents to their desired floor

Customization Options:

The game also features many customization options. You will have access to “hundreds of unique Minifigure pieces” such as outfits and heads to play around with. Moreover, the roof and lobby of your tower as well as the background can all be changed to various LEGO-based themes. You could have a Japanese temple to decorate your blocky skyline, or even a massive T-rex if you want.

Lego Tower
The game offers plenty of options for customization

Free-to-play, but not pay-to-win

Yes, LEGO Tower is a free game with lots of in-app purchases, yet despite that, early reviews have been quite positive. According to several users, pay-to-win is not an issue here, as all IAPs are completely optional. Some even argue that the game is more fun if you skip them completely. All in all, it seems we’re getting our hands on a quality tower building game for mobile.