Toy Story - themed puzzle game

Get ready to be reunited with all of your childhood’s favorite characters like Buzz Lightyear or Woody in this brand-new Disney game Toy Story Drop. At first glance, it looks similar to many match-3 games out there like Candy Crush or Bejeweled Stars. However, the deeper you dive into it, the more you’ll see unique features that stand out from the others.

Toy Story Drop
Help Woody, Buzz and your favorite Toy Story characters overcome major obstacles in hundreds of exciting puzzles!

The rule of this game is just like any other match-3 games out there, simple and easy for the players to learn. When you line up 3 or more objects of the same kind (either horizontally or vertically), they'll disappear, opening up room for more objects to appear on the screen while granting you points. To complete each stage, players must complete certain requirements like reaching a given number of points or destroying a number of colored gummies, etc.

Toy Story Drop
Match 3 or more colorful marbles of the same color to rescue stuck toys!

We all love these types of game and even more excited as it has an exclusive Toy Story theme. Here’s the first look into Toy Story Drop.

Expected release time

As for now, there isn’t much to say about Toy Story Drop as the game is still in development process. However, we can believe that the expected worldwide release will be sometime later this spring. Toy Story Drop should be out on all major platforms like iOS, Android. Moreover, you can go ahead to developer Big Fish Game's official website and sign up for the game in advance right now. It helps unlock some special community rewards for everyone, for instance, an Alien Voice Pack.

Toy Story Drop - Toy Story 4
Toy Story 4 is coming soon and Toy Story Drop is a perfect game to hype things up.

So, if you are a Toy Story fan and a puzzle lover, make sure you get this game as soon as possible.