About a month ago, we reported that the cute and unique platformer game Total Party Kill from solo developer Jussi Simpanen was making its way to Android and iOS, and now, it has finally arrived. If you’re looking for a fun platforming experience to enjoy on your phone, look no further!

Total Part Kill
Control 3 adventurers to challenge a dark and dangerous dungeon

Total Party Kill is a bit similar to Trine, where you control a party consisting of a Knight, a Wizard, and an Archer who must work together to overcome various platforming challenges to reach the end of each level and progress to the next. Naturally, the characters all have their own unique abilities to offer to the team. In Total Party Kill, the Knight can knock objects (and people, too) away with his sword, the Wizard can freeze others into a solid block of ice, and the Archer, of course, shoots arrows.

Total Party Kill launch trailer

The thing is, there is no enemy in this game, so who do you use these abilities on? Well, the answer is, on your own team. Apparently the term “working together” has a rather morbid twist to it in this game. You see, only one member of the team has to be alive and make it to the exit for you to win the level, so you’re free to use the other two as cannon fodder to deal with traps. There’s a massive bed of spikes blocking your way? Use the wizard to freeze another character and then push him down to use as a foothold. There’s a very high ledge that you cannot reach? Have the archer pin someone to the wall and then jump off of their head to get to it!

Total Party Kill
Use the Wizard to freeze others into blocks of ice, then use them as footholds to get through spike traps

Total Party Kill is available right now on both Google Play and the App Store, so head over there to pick it up and jump into the dungeon right now!