Ken Shimizu, also known under the name Shimiken, is arguably one of the most popular male actors in the Japanese adult film industry at the moment. While this business is still being branded with a stigma in Shimizu’s homeland, an under-the-radar publisher from Korea named Ulu Games has apparently deemed the actor famous enough to be the spokesperson for Arka, its upcoming MMORPG for mobile. The fact that Shimuzu’s Youtube channel has a lot of subscribers from Korea is also reportedly a factor that contributed to Ulu’s decision.

67 Jav 1
Ken Shimizu is one of the few famous male JAV actors

Shimizu has also appeared in several interviews on mainstream publications such as GQ, and the actor is famously quoted for having said that the JAV industry didn’t have enough male actors. Still, the decision to choose him as the spokesperson for a mobile game is certainly an interesting one.

In any case, let’s get back to the main subject: Arka. As mentioned, this is an upcoming mobile MMORPG, and while probably not many people have heard of it, the game appears to have been quite well-developed judging from the available gameplay footage. Check it out in the trailer below:

From what we can see in the trailer, the game takes place in a fantasy world with dragons, magic, and other mythical creatures. There appear to be numerous character classes as well, from warriors wearing heavy armor and weapons to mages capable of unleashing devastating spells. We also see a twin-sword-wielding agile character at one point during the video.

Arka Setting
A new MMORPG with a fantasy setting

Perhaps the most striking feature of Arka is that the game includes several types of ethereal wings attached to the backs of the characters, similar to what we see in Aion. They appear to be more than just for show, too, as we can see some pretty slick aerial action in the footages. Everything is looking pretty promising so far.

Arka is scheduled to launch this month, and Shimizu has promised to meet with fans in South Korea if the game is well-received.