The visually-impressive action RPG Ria from developer Createlex is now available for pre-registration ahead of its intended release date of October 25th. Interested players can head over to Google Play or the App Store to pre-order the game right now.

We first reported on Ria in late August and were pretty impressed by its graphics at the time. In this game, you’ll follow the footsteps of Ria, the son of God, who is now exploring a massive open-world in his quest to combat evil and save humanity. In case you missed our previous coverage, here is a trailer for the game that you can check out to see what it’s like:

Throughout your adventure, you'll battle through armies of vicious enemies as well as many towering bosses that stand in your way. Judging from the trailer, it seems the action is pretty accomplished with various flourishing attack animations in addition to the typical swings. Of course, we shall have to wait until the game actually rolls out to see how well it plays in actuality.

Battle vicious enemies and towering bosses

To ensure that things always stay fresh, the developer has made it so that enemies will spawn at different locations every time you return to an area. Theoretically, this should reduce repetitiveness, but once again, we must wait until we actually get our hands on the game to say how well it delivers on that idea. After all, history has proven that procedurally-generated levels have had mixed results. Ria will also feature a leveling and gear upgrade system, allowing you to customize your own playstyle.

Ria Gameplay
The game will also feature a leveling and gear upgrade system

The game is available for pre-order right now on both Google Play and the App Store, and according to its App Store listing, it'll be a premium title priced at £5.99 (Rs 550).