Free Fire is one of the most successful battle royale in the market currently. The popularity of the game is at all-time high, with billions of downloads and millions of active players. However, the more players there are, the more cheaters there will be. In this article, we are going to showcase information about the last banwave and which is the most popular cheat in OB29.

1 - About the recent ban wave

Much like other games, Free Fire also has a cheater problem. They use 3rd-party scripts to gain an unfair advantage over normal players. To ensure player experience, Garena has constantly updated the game with new anti-cheats mechanisms. This results in a sizable dip in the number of hackers in total, as there are only 891,349 in this wave comparing to last Free Fire anti-cheat wave of 1,058,472 banned accounts.

The percentage of cheaters banned after getting reported by players is 51.8%. This means out of 2 reported cheaters, 1 gets banned immediately. 5173 players who deliberately play with hackers are also punished with a ban as well.  Having a hacker in the team lets the squad climb ranks easily... and players who knowingly allow that should be punished.

2 - Which is the most popular cheat in OB29?

Here is a detailed breakdown of the hacking software used by cheaters in the last two weeks:

most popular cheat in OB29
The most popular cheats in Free Fire OB29

Aimbot / Auto Aim

Overall, aimbot or auto aim is still the classic hack that all shooter cheaters use. It is the reason behind 69.7% of banned accounts. This means out of 3 cheaters, 2 use aimbot hack.

This cheat allows the user to automatically target enemies' hitbox, moving the cursor toward enemies' heads automatically. This cheat is fairly easy to detect, as these hackers can kill you with any weapon at any range, usually through headshots. To deal with aimbot, you can try reporting if you get head shotted at long range.

Aimbot remains the most popular cheat in OB29


With this cheat, they can move to any location on the map instantly. About 14% of banned hackers use teleportation hacks. This is perfect for entering the safe zone at any time, removing the need for moving around. However, it is super easy to get detected using Teleport, as a player suddenly appears from nowhere would definitely get reported.


About 13.1% of banned hackers use wallhack. This cheat lets players see and shoot through walls and because of that, they would be able to know the location of all players in the vicinity. You don't get any clear advantage using wallhacks, therefore, it is the hardest cheat to detect.

Lastly, 3.2% of players were banned for unspecified reasons. Overall, Free Fire diamond cheats or cosmetic hacks are the least likely to be detected.

3 - Actions that may result in a ban

In order to maintain a fair gaming environment, Garena has revealed a list of bannable offenses:

  • Using illicit local data transfers to bypass Free Fire's anti-cheat system
  • Gaining unfair advantages by altering model files.
  • Exploiting glitches or bugs to enhance the gaming experience.
  • Detection of abnormal gameplay by multiple players at once.
  • Using non-official sources to enhance gameplay.
  • Using unauthorized tools to manipulate the game's interface.
  • Playing with a modified or unauthorized version.

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