Most open-world games offer the exciting PvP mode for players to combat and show off their power. But Hoyoverse still refuses to introduce it in Genshin Impact. Here're the reasons they gave out.

#1. Give Priority To Players' Experience

Obviously, the PvP mode will stimulate players to spend money to make their characters stronger. It also brings the game publisher a huge profit. But it's not the initial target of Hoyoverse. The developer team's priority is the player's experience.

They want to bring their players a stunning game world with mind-blowing stories to explore and tons of other features. If players are addicted to the PK experience in the PvP mode, they may ignore interesting stories in the beautiful game world that the developer team want to build and give them.

Focus On Game World And Stories
Focus on the game world and stories.

#2. Keep The Game Meta

With the degradation of the world level and the level of characters, Genshin Impact characters deal higher damage every day. If players cannot build their characters with the best weapons, materials, and artifacts, they can deal thousands of DMG to bosses and enemies.

But rich players who have money to pull all strong DPS characters and get the strongest team with the best gears and materials can deal millions of Crit DMG. Obviously, poor players have no chance to win.

Be Loyal To The Initial Meta
Be loyal to the initial meta of the game.

Those who do not want to invest in the game will lose the combat in an eye blink. It affects their gaming experience a lot. In long-term development, Hoyoverse may lose a lot of players due to this reason. Or else, the developer team has to change the DMG and power calculation, breaking the initial meta of the game.

#3. Maintain The Freedom

One of the most attractive natures of Genshin Impact is freedom. Millions of players come and fall in love with this game because of its nature. They are free to explore the game world and enjoy tons of amusements without having to compete with other players in terms of power.

Free To Explore
Free to explore the beautiful game world.

They are also free to choose whether they spend money or not. It does not matter their gaming experience like PvP games in which rich players often win which is pretty annoying for a large number of gamers.

Thanks to these principles, Genshin Impact brought players wonderful experiences, harvested many achievements, and won many game awards.

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