Primogem is the most valuable resource in Genshin Impact, and because of that, players should take careful consideration when spending them. This goes double for free-to-play players and light spenders, as they don't have that many primogems to spend. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to spend primogems in Genshin Impact effectively as a free-to-play/light spender.

1. Plan around Pity

Genshin Impact banners have a very low rate of spawning a 5-star character (0.6%), so players mainly get their 5-stars via the game's Pity System. On the limited banners, you are guaranteed a 5-star on your 90th pull if you do not get one within 90 pulls. Once you get a 5-star character, this 90 wish timer is reset.

Aa149fbc Genshin Impact Limited Banner
The Pity system makes Genshin Impact's lower rate less predatory.

However, this is not that straightforward - there is only a 50% chance that you would get the limited 5-star character on the limited banner. If you fail the 50/50, you would get the 5 stars from the standard banner. However, when this happens, you are guaranteed to get the limited character on your next successful 5-star pull.

2. Pull on the right banner

If you don't have any character you particularly want, it is best to follow the meta and get the highest-tier characters. For example, the upcoming Kazuha rerun banner in 2.8 is definitely worth skipping all banners in 2.7 for, as Kazuha is just too useful as a character.

Wandering Samurai Kazuha Genshin Impact Anime Vide
Getting a strong character that can be used in multiple teams is something new players need to do.

This goes double if you are a new player. Characters in Genshin Impact use ascension materials from their home region. This means a new player in Mondstadt would not be able to level an Inazuma character up any time soon. Therefore, to have an easier time playing, it is best to pull on some of the older more reliable banners first.

3. Avoid pulling on the weapon banner

There is a moderately big gap between 4-star weapons and 5-star weapons in Genshin Impact. While the former is easier to refine, the latter has much more powerful skills and stats that are sometimes designed for a character. For example, the Redhorn Stonethresher is one of the two Claymore with DEF substat, and with the other one being a 3 star, it becomes the only optimal choice for Noelle.

Genshin Impact Weapon Banner

If the weapon banner is that useful, why should you avoid it? Well, the weapon banner has its own pity, and it is much more unforgiving than the character banner. While the amount of pity is only 80 and you have a 75% chance of getting the featured weapons, the tricky part here is that there are two of them.

Thoma With Staff Of Homa
You should only wish on the weapon banner when both of the featured weapons are very strong.

This means the chance to get your wanted weapon is only 37.5%, lower than the character banner's 50%. Players need to use "the Epitomized Path" system to build pity toward the weapon they want, and in the worst-case scenario, they will need to miss the weapon twice in order to guarantee the next 5-star drop. Epitomized Path does not carry over to the next weapon banner, only the 75% chance does.

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