Kuki Shinobu is a 4-star Electro Sword user in Genshin Impact. She will debut in the 2nd banner of the 2.7 patch, scheduled for June 21, 2022. Overall, she is the first Electro enabler with the ability to heal, which enables a number of team comps that need both healing and electro reactions. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the best Kuki Shinobu team comps in Genshin Impact 2.7.

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1. High-End Kuki Shinobu Team Comps

Raiden + Kuki Shinobu Thunder Team

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Raiden Shogun Main DPS Emblem of Severed Fate (4) Any
Kujou Sara Sub DPS/Support Emblem of Severed Fate (4) C6
Beidou Sub DPS/Support Emblem of Severed Fate (4) C6 (if possible)
Kuki Shinobu Sub DPS/Support Tenacity Of The Millelith (4)/Noblesse Oblige (4) C6 (if possible)

Overall, mono Electro team comps like this require Kujou Sara to be C6 for the highest crit damage possible. As she came out with Raiden Shogun in 2.1, Sara is the perfect companion to support her. In this particular lineup, Raiden Shogun is the main DPS, dealing damage with her burst. Kujou Sara also provide great boost to her other Electro teammates, Beidou and Kuki Shinobu.

As the damage of Raiden's burst is based on the energy consumed by team members, both Beidou and Kujou Sara fit perfectly as their elemental bursts require 80 energy. Individually, Beidou's burst can provide Electro dmg off-field and Kujou Sara can maximize Raiden Shogun and Beidou's burst damage.

Kuki Shinobu is the last piece of the puzzle, providing the team with a consistent heal while benefitting from Sara's buff.

Raiden allows players to build a pure Electro team comp.

Eula Physical DPS team

Character Role Artifact Set Constellation Level
Eula Main DPS Pale Flame (4) Any
Rosaria Burst DPS Support/Battery Noblesse Oblige (4) C6 (not required)
Kuki Shinobu Enabler Tenacity Of The Millelith (4)/Noblesse Oblige (4) C6 (not required)
Zhongli Shield Support Archaic Petra (2) + Noblesse Oblige (2) Any

Eula's best asset is the absurd damage of Lightfall Sword from her elemental burst and her normal physical damage. Therefore, the best build for her revolves around Phys damage. This lineup stacks multiple sources of Physical shreds. If everything clicks, this lineup can provide a whopping 80% physical resistance reduction to enemies.

Kuki Shinobu is the main Superconduct enabler of this comp, replacing the commonly used Fischl. The reason behind this change is that Eula can definitely make use of Kuki's heal which Fischl lack. Rosaria serves as Eula's battery, allowing her to spam Elemental Burst more often. Eula's kit also reduces cryo and physical resistance of enemies, indirectly buffing the whole party's DPS.

Zhongli's shield is the strongest in the game. Furthermore, its hold version also provides a 20% physical and elemental resistance reduction debuff to nearby enemies. This boosts both Eula's physical damage, Rosaria's Elemental burst and Kuki's skill damage.

Genshin Impact Rosaria
Rosaria is the best battery support for Eula while enabling Cryo resonance.

2. Mid-Tier Kuki Shinobu Team Comps

Kuki Shinobu + Ayato taser team

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Ayato Main DPS Echoes of an Offering (4) Any
Kuki Shinobu Sub DPS Tenacity Of The Millelith (2) + Noblesse Oblige (2) C6 (if possible)
Fischl Support Thundering Fury (4) C6 (if possible)
Kazuha Support Viridescent Venerer (4) Any

Ayato will be the main DPS of this team comp, staying on the field to deal damage with his Hydro-infused normal attacks. He is the Hydro applicator of this taser comp. Players need the best gear possible on him, as Ayato would be carrying most of the fights.

Kuki will be providing electro application and healing in this team. Overall, her job is to quickly swap in and out to cast her skill and burst. Players should keep Kuki's HP low to extend the duration of her Burst as much as possible. Fischl is going to support Kuki in applying Electro damage to enemies - players need to juggle between her Skill and Burst to maximize Oz uptime.

She is also the sub DPS of the team, who can take over the DPS role if Ayato's abilities are on cooldown. The damage of this lineup can be improved significantly if players have C6 Fischl.

Lastly, Kazuha is the final character for the flex slot. As Kuki Shinobu's Skill scales on Elemental Mastery, Kazuha's buff would benefit her greatly. Hit kit also allows spreading elements around and grouping enemies up.

Genshinimpact Kamisatoayato Featured 2
Ayato is a solid carry for Taser teams.

Kuki Shinobu Overload team

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Xiangling Main DPS Emblem Of Severed Fate (4) C6 (if possible)
Kuki Shinobu Sub DPS Tenacity Of The Millelith (4)/Noblesse Oblige (4) C6 (if possible)
Bennett Sub DPS Crimson Witch Of Flames (4) C6 (if possible)
Kazuha Support Viridescent Venerer (4) Any

Overall, Kuki Shinobu serves as the electro enabler/sub DPS in this comp, allowing Xiangling and Bennett to trigger Overload with their kit. With Bennett and her heal, players should be able to sustain the fight fairly easily.

Xiangling is the main DPS of the team, triggering overload and dealing damage with her kit. Kazuha swirls with Venerer to reduce enemies' elemental res.

Kuki Shinobu Banner Release Date 2 7
Kuki Shinobu is a decent character for Overload triggers.

3. F2P Friendly Kuki Shinobu Team Comp

Beidou + Kuki Taser team

Character Role Artifact Set Constellation Level
Kuki Shinobu Sub DPS/Healer Tenacity Of The Millelith (4)/Noblesse Oblige (4) C6 (not required)
Beidou Main DPS Thundering Fury (2) + Gladiator's Finale (2) C6 (not required)
Xingqiu Sub DPS/Enabler Emblem Of Severed Fate (4) C6 (not required)
Sucrose Sub DPS Viridescent Venerer (4) C6 (not required)

Overall, Beidou would be the main DPS of this comp, dealing damage and procing Electro Charged with Xingqiu's support. Her shield also gives the team some extra survivability. Kuki Shinobu enables Electro resonance while providing continuous Electro damage and healing when needed.

Xingqiu is the main Hydro enabler of the team, allowing Kuki and Beidou to deal damage more effectively. Sucrose will apply elemental shred with the Venerer set, alongside boosting the team's reaction damage.

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