The tide of Hydro is not going to stay silent in Genshin Impact. After the powerful appearance of Kamisato Ayato, players have recently welcomed Yelan, another water-element character with intriguing prowess.

This 5-star character is apparently one of the best-selling units in Genshin Impact. And fortunately, it is not too hard to maximize her skills considering the elemental reactions that can be triggered with Hydro.

Here are the best characters to use with Yelan you may want to take note of.

6. Yun Jin

Yelan and Yun Jin both own a unique mechanism. They will keep getting better along with the diverse elements your team has.

Yun Jin’s burst, Cliffbreaker’s Banner, offers you party a Normal Attack buff which becomes stronger based on the number of different elements the players use.

Best Yun Jin Character Builds
Combining Yelan with Yun Jin’s buff, the auto attacks you launch will be able to punch hard.

Meanwhile, most of Yelan’s build is HP based and she gets an HP buff, again, depending on the elements in your roster. Depth-Clarion Dice – her Elemental Burst, can perform a coordinated attack with the Normal Attacks of your active character.

5. Yoimiya

One of the ways to identify the best characters to use with Yelan is by considering her auto attacks. She is the best at offering off-field Hydro effect.

Yoimiya Yelan
Yoimiya and Yelan can be a great duo.

In the meantime, Yoimiya’s Pyro Normal Attacks become stronger with the increasing shots you fire. Yelan herself possesses a Passive ability that boosts damager over time while the Exquisite Throw from her Burst lasts.

4. Xingqiu

If you include both of them in the same team, their stream of Hydro particles from the Bursts will be very steady. This permits less Energy Recharge in either of their builds.

Yelan Xingqiu
At the first glance, Xinqiu and Yelan seem to serve similar roles.

What’s worth noticing is the strategy also lets Xingqiu utilize a more ATK-based weapon instead of his usual Sacrificial Sword.

Double Hydro applications also make sure you clear Hydro with another reacting element, tightening up and optimizing rotations on the battlefield.

3. Ayaka

Although minor, Yelan’s Elemental Skill has a useful ability to group opponents. As this skill explodes, opponents grouped in it will be gathered together, potentially enough for Ayaka’s Charge Attack to hit them at once.

You can try Yelan with other crowd-control characters for further experience.

Ayaka Permafreeze
Ayaka's Permafreeze is ideal to combine with Yelan.

2. Hu Tao

Next up, much like Yoimiya, Hu Tao is also one of the best characters to use with Yelan. Being a DPS character, she is indeed even better than Yoimiya when it comes to being on the same team with Ye Lan.

As Hu Tao is a premier Pyro attacker, Hu Tao can benefit from all of Yelan’s build.

Hu Tao Yelan
Hu Tao and Yelan

1. Raiden Shogun

In case you have been able to pull Raiden Shogun, it is strongly recommended to use her as the main DPS when pairing with Yelan.

Raiden Shogun can recharge Yelan’s energy and take advantage of the Normal Attack boost after Yelan activates her Elemental Burst.

For a team, using Kazuha as the sub-DPS and Bennett as a healer will make you viable. Combing Hydro, Electro, Anemo, and Pyro give you a slew of strong elemental reactions.

Raiden best characters to use with yelan
Best to have in your team are Yelan and Raiden Shogun.

While Yelan’s Clarion Dice lets you trigger the Hydro reactions, you can activate Overload effect with the contribution of Bennett’s and Raiden’s powers.

This team is quite versatile when it comes to both single-entity and crowd control combat.

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