Sumeru is coming closer and closer to Genshin Impact. Now that new lands like Enkanomiya and The Chasm have been introduced and gathered hypes from fans, the Traveler is going to Sumeru – the country ruled by the God of Wisdom.

The fourth country may arrive on update 3.0 as soon as Kusanali – the Dendro Archon arrives in Genshin Impact 2.8. Lesser Lord Kusanali Genshin Impact has long been an appealing topic amongst players.

Now that leaks have come around more than ever, Sumeru item descriptions and other brief mentions in Archon Quests have also suggested many things about the new God.

Here’s what we have known so far about the Dendro Archon in Genshin Impact.

Nahida Kusanali
Everything we have known so far about the Dendro Archon Kusanali.

Who is Kusanali Genshin Impact?

Lesser Lord Kusanali is the Dendro Archon and the God of Wisdom. Although Ganyu once referred to the Dendro God as a “he”, it has been confirmed that she’s a female in later quests.

Besides, she is also the youngest Archon. Compared to Rex Lapis who is over 6,000 years old, Kusanali is only around 500 years old.

According to leakers, they predicted that the character model of Kusanali Genshin may resemble a little girl. While HoYoverse has not confirmed it, she is likely to look a bit bigger than Qiqi, Klee, and Diona.

Besides, a childish look for the Dendro Archon seems to make sense considering how “young” she is compared to the much more mature Zhongli. Kusanali is also said to be a lookalike of Theresa Apocalypse from Honkai Impact 3rd.

Kusanali Genshin Rumor
They rumored that she looks like Theresa Apocalypse.

Another character, Yae Miko, also mentioned the name of Lesser Lord Kusanali at the Inazuma arc’s ending. She suggests here that after Inazuma, the Traveler will proceed to Sumeru as the next destination.

Is Nahida the Lesser Lord Kusanali’s name?

Some players may know that Lesser Lord Kusanali Genshin also has another name. The latest leak calls Dendro Archon Nahida.

If this is true, it is the truth that Nahida and Kusanali are one person. The only thing that stays a myth as of now is whether Nahida is a given name, as Lesser Lord Kusanali is a term of endearment from her Sumeru people.

Kusanali role in Genshin Impact story

Kusanali Genshin is a deity to her people. Describing the God of Wisdom, Yae Miko says,

“Lesser Lord Kusanali is the deity in whom the people of Sumeru place their faith. It’s their chosen term of endearment for her.”

1. Dendro Archon origin

This speaks volumes about her influence over Sumeru citizens and the plot consisting of the seven nations of Teyvat. Nevertheless, it is unclear how powerful her role is as of now. The sages seem to have some stakes in the government system.

In the Teyvat storyline trailer, Dainsleif mentions that “the God of Wisdom’s enemy is wisdom itself”.

Apart from that, Kusanali Genshin Impact only rose to her power after the precious Dendro Archon passed away.

Genshin Impact Archons
Kusanali is the second Dendro Archon who rose to power when she was 500 years old.

As per Ganyu’s saying in the earlier quest, only two among the original Archons remained before Rex Lapis disappeared. Venti, or Barbatos, was known as the only Archon left alive as not everyone in Liyue knows Zhongli is alive and is roaming in Teyvat.

Meanwhile, Raiden Ei is the current Electro Archon as her sister Raiden Makoto died during the war.

We have not known the exact relationship between Kusanali and the first Dendro Archon as well as how he died. However, Lesser Lord definitely has a major role in the entire game’s plot.

2. Kusanali personality

According to leaks from Ubatcha, Kusanali was supposed to be a hikikomori. This is a Japanese term to describe social recluses.

However, the real personality of the Dendro Archon has yet been officially revealed. We need more analysis from other characters and players in the time coming for further details.

When will Kusanali arrive?

Leakers have claimed that Kusanali would debut in Genshin Impact update 2.8 as a featured unit in the “A Summer Sea Sojourn” event. You will probably meet her again in Sumeru as version 3.0 arrives.

For the unknown, it is possible that Genshin Impact will skip version 2.9.

Other Sumeru characters

Besides Kusanali, other characters from Sumeru have also been collecting attention. Some of them are expected to make an appearance after their feature in Genshin Impact manga:

Lisa also studied in the Sumeru Academia and became a great librarian and sorcerer as we know she is.

Sumeru Characters Gurugamer
Other Dendro characters have been in talks for a while.

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