As revealed by one of the most accurate leakers in China, Dendro Archon Kusanali will have the look of a little girl like Klee and Paimon. This Dendro Archon leak about her appearance is quite true to her plot.

More specifically, leaker Uncle Dumb Dumb - one of the most accurate leakers from version 2.0 to date - has continued to reveal more images of the character and is gaining attention.

Mobius Dendro Archon Lookalike
Players imagined Genshin Dendro Archon would look a bit like Mobius from Honkai Impact.

Latest Dendro Archon leaks in Genshin Impact

1. Dendro Archon leaked appearance

Accordingly, Dendro Archon Kusanali looks like a tiny little girl like Klee and Qiqi. Her dress will share some resemblance with that of Paimon and her hair will be white and silver. With this description, she probably appears immensely similar to Yaoyao - another Dendro character who is anticipated to be released in the near future.

These revelations quite make sense as just a few weeks ago, a model of the main city in Sumeru was passed on Twitter. It is described as a sprawling city around a giant tree in the middle of the desert.

Dendro Archon Leak
One of the latest Dendro Archon leaks reveals her appearance as a small, young-looking girl.

In addition, the fact that Kusanali is a little girl is pretty reasonable. According to the plot, she is only 500 years old and receives the power of a God in Sumeru after the previous Dendro Archon - the God of the Woods, disappeared/died (?).

2. New Elemental reactions

Another confirmation of Kusanali's model is that Genshin Impact test server has added two new elemental effects including Overgrown and Overdose. These two effects are expected to be new reactions when the Dendro element is released. The Overgrown will be a combination of Dendro and Hydro, while Overdose is created by combining Dendro and Pyro/Electro.

Dendro Reaction
A Twitter account releases the new additions including code names of the new reactions with Dendro.

About Dendro Archon

Lesser Lord Kusanali is also known as Little Lucky-Grass Monarch. She is the current Dendro Archon among The Seven. While Raiden Shogun rules Inazuma, Zhongli presides over Liyue, Venti manages Mondstadt, the Flower Archon will be the ruler of Sumeru.

In fact, she is the youngest among the archons. She rose to the current position after the perish of God of the Woods 500 years ago in the cataclysm.

Sumeru and its Archon have been causing talks in the Genshin Impact community.

She was mentioned through some characters’ saying like Zhongli or Yae Miko. While purchasing kites for Rite of Parting in "Downtown", Zhongli said,

“These markings of tree and leaf pay due honor to wisdom and the passage of time. All this, on a single kite — truly astonishing.”

According to Dendro Archon leaks, Kusanali will appear Chapter III of the Teyvat Chapter Storyline, focusing on the new nation Sumeru.

The mysterious lore behind the youngest God of Wisdom may take quite a while to be cleared. Travelers will need to be patient possibly until Genshin Impact 3.0.

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