There is not much to say about word games. Usually, they are pretty straightforward. The way a game is presented is about the only thing that makes a word game stand out from others of its kind. Punlock from developer Honeymoon Software manages to do just that. Its one-of-a-kind presentation makes it a title worth mentioning among many word games out there.

Punlock’s gameplay is, again, very straightforward. In this game, you are given a padlock. However, instead of the traditional combination dial, this padlock has multiple concentric circles with letters etched on them. Your task is to rotate these rings to create a word right across the middle of the lock. The game has multiple levels, and each has a theme. Every word you need to find will be related to that theme. If you manage to find all the words in a level, the lock will pop open, and you’ll process to the next level.

Punlock Gameplay

That sounds pretty simple, but when you actually start playing, you might find that it is quite a bit of a challenge, although not an unfair one. Of course, you can ask the game for hints if you get stuck somewhere.

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Turn the circles to form words

Punlock’s designs put simplicity above all else. You can literally play it with just one hand. It is the perfect game to play when you have just a few minutes of free time to kill. Despite this simplicity, the game actually has pretty high-quality graphics. It requires iOS 11 to run smoothly.

One big plus for Punlock is that even though it is a free game, there are no ads. Moreover, you will get one new theme every day when you log in to the game. You can also buy more themes through in-app purchases. These additional themes include "Fruit", Science", "Animals", "Sports”, and more.

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Simple game, yet more challenging than it sounds

Punlock will come out on the App Store on November 20, but you can already pre-order it right now.