Indian gaming content creators have increased threefold for the past two years. The sudden boom in the increase of audience and content creators also gave rise to regional streamers. YouTube provides Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Marathi language content. This helps regional streamers to easily connect with the audience. As per a report, only 33 percent of Popular YouTube videos are in the English language.


As per the KPMG report, 265 million Indian users are actively watching YouTube content. Indian audience has viewed 50 billion hours of gaming content. After YouTube introduced regional languages for the Indian audience, it came as a boon for content creators who are not fluent in Hindi. It also gave an opportunity for the audience living in a particular state to view content in their mother tongue.

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According to Satya Raghavan, Director for YouTube Partnerships, India believes that 2020 will see a rise in viewership of regional content. He said that last year witnessed the audience moving towards learning and gaming content. He also informed that 60 percent of watch time on YouTube comes from out of six major metro cities.

Sushil K, “It is great news that regional languages are being acknowledged by YouTube. Earlier, in India, only English and Hindi languages were considered widely. But I am happy that my regional language which is Tamil is to being watched widely by the audience. It has given an opportunity for regional streamers to showcase their talent.

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Malayalam streamers have a huge fan base in Dubai. Many streamers from Kerala are being widely watched in Abu Dhabi. “I feel happy that viewers from Dubai send me donations for supporting me. I play PUBG Mobile and other games on PC as well on mobile. Many people from Kerala are settled in Dubai and they love to watch streams in their mother tongue.”

Shreeman Legend a streamer from Maharashtra ensures to give a punch of Marathi one-liners to entertain his streamers. His audience which is largely from his home state appreciates him for being the only streamer to entertain his audience both in Hindi and in Marathi. "It becomes interesting to hear and watch a Marathi gaming streamer. He is funny and entertains his audience with a smile on his face. He has worked very hard to grow his YouTube channel and so we support him strongly," says Vicky Shinde, a resident of Pune and a fan of Shreeman Legend.