PUBG Mobile is one of the most competitive and popular mobile games while being free-to-play. This attracts a lot of cheaters to the game and ruins the playing experience of many players. The anti-cheat software of PUBG Mobile is the main tool to remove cheaters from the game. But how well does it actually works? There have been a lot of complaints from the community about blatant cheaters in their game not getting a ban.

So this Youtuber, ExxotikGaming, has come up with an idea to try to cheat in PUBG Mobile to see how fast he will get banned.

Of course, he created a new account to conduct this experience. The method he used was to play PUBG Mobile on PC with mouse and keyboard while still getting matched with mobile players.

Needless to say how a mouse and a keyboard can be totally unfair in PUBG Mobile vs mobile players. You have a simpler control scheme. Your guns have almost non-existence recoil thanks to the mouse and your movement is fluent and fast thanks to the keyboard.

Banned From Pubg Mobile 5 29 Screenshot
The Youtuber uses third-party software to control PUBG Mobile with his mouse and keyboard

Normally, PUBG Mobile can detect this if you just connect your mobile phone to your PC. So the Youtuber has to use an app called 'TCGames-Mirror and Control Android". Using this app with his mobile phone, he can trick PUBG Mobile into thinking that he is still playing with his phone.

Banned From Pubg Mobile 13 28 Screenshot
His account is perfectly fine with no ban at the end of the match

In the end, he finished a match with 15 kills and his account is still absolutely fine. I guess now we know how well PUBG Mobile anti-cheat software works.

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