After Ryan Reynolds’s excellent performance as Deadpool in the Deadpool 2 movie, his fans are crazy about searching for the Ryan Reynolds movies list to get more about the handsome Canadian actor. While waiting for the next comeback of Ryan Reynolds on widescreens, you can watch movies on the top 10 Ryan Reynolds movies list ranked by Rotten Tomatoes with How many movies on this list do you know? Let’s begin!

Ryan Reynolds movies list

Ryan Reynolds Movies List (1/2)

10. Safe House (2012) – 53%

In 2012, Reynolds had a chance to team up with Denzel Washington in the Safe House movie. The action thriller film directed by Daniel Espinosa revolves around a secret CIA agent (Washington). While being interrogated, he is attacked by a mercenary group and then, taken to meet a low-level CIA agent (Reynolds).

The Safe House plot showed lots of promising twists, as well as an exciting argument between characters of Washington and Reynolds; however, this movie focused more on hastening its pace to hide some gaps in the script. Anyway, when Safe House was released, it still managed to attract the audience to the last moments.

9. Woman In Gold (2015) – 55%

Among the movies with Ryan Reynolds, Woman in Gold must include a lot of fun plots, from the script based on an appealing true story to the appearance of talented actress Helen Mirren. But it is a pity that the running time of this movie was too limited for both actors and the crew to express all thrilling factors in the plot.

Although the critics gave countless praises to Mirren’s acting, as well as to Reynold’s character as a newbie lawyer who tries to win a complicated suitcase, Woman in Gold allegedly lacked the depth and dramatic as it should have.

ryan reynolds movies list Woman In Gold
Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds.

8. The Nines (2007) – 65%

Amongst the Ryan Reynolds movies on Netflix, The Nines (2007) boasted about an ambitious script. The science fiction psychological film marked screenwriter John August’s role as a director for the first time.

In this film, Ryan Reynolds played three roles of three men who were struggling to find out the truth behind a series of unusual incidents in their life. Meanwhile, they also met three secret women (Hope Davis). The Nines is highly recommended for those who love psychological movies.

7. Life (2017) – 68%

Life has been one of Ryan Reynolds latest movies in recent years. There is something especially attractive in sci-fi movies with a background in space medicine. For example, Ridley Scott’s Alien shows fragility between life and death in a closed space and how easily the surrounding environment can steal your life.

In Life, Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal become astronauts of the International Space Station. They accidentally meet a strange creature during their space exploration. This movie gains lots of positive assessment from the critics and Life definitely deserves it.

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6. Definitely, Maybe (2008) – 71%

For those who are in search of Ryan Reynolds movies comedy, Definitely, Maybe produced in 2008 is a perfect choice. This romantic comedy movie implies many interesting plot twists. It revolves around William “Will” Matthew Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) who tells his daughter the story of his romantic relationships in the past and why he married her mother.

Despite its familiar content, Definitely, Maybe gets lots of applause from the critics. Moreover, the excellent acting of the actors including Ryan Reynolds, Abigail Breslin, Elizabeth Banks, Isla Fisher, and Rachel Weisz also a big plus point for the success of this movie.

ryan reynolds movies list Definitely Maybe

Ryan Reynolds Movies List (2/2)

5. The Voices (2015) – 74%

For almost all of the movies, the main character as a worker at a bathtub factory seems so outrageous. However, The Voices, a black comedy horror film in 2015, may be an exception.

In this movie, Reynolds is free to show a chain of weirdest acts and all of the critics agree that The Voices is built with something both odd and new. Ryan Reynolds is supposed to make a perfect performance via the role of Jerry – a good man with schizophrenia.

4. Deadpool (2016) – 83%

Deadpool (2016) is a must-have name on the Ryan Reynolds movies list. After a series of failures in superhero movies from Blade Trinity, X-Man Origins: Wolverine, to Green Lantern, Reynolds finally gained success with Marvel’s Deadpool.

Different from other superhero movies, Deadpool boasts about an anti-superhero with a huge sense of humor, funny content, and bloody actions. The success of this movie is even beyond expectation, leading to the production of many other movies with R-rated content, which are based on the Marvel Comics characters.

ryan reynolds movies list Deadpool

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3. Buried (2010) – 86%

Buried showed excellent imagination and filming principles because the whole movie has the only character in a closed space. Since reading the script, Reynolds knew that he was going to cope with a huge challenge. Both Reynolds and director Rodrigo Cortes deserved a ton of praise when exploring such a difficult script successfully.

2. Adventureland (2009) – 88%

Following the success of Superbad, director Greg Mottola continued to produce a big hit of all age. However, Adventureland is something more than a copy of the previous movie. It manages to show a crafty and black life of an adult.

James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg), a newly graduated student, wants to travel to Europe but financial problems stopped him. James then focuses on working at a local park and meets some characters including Ryan Reynolds and Kristen Stewart. Although the movie didn’t gain lots of success from the box office, the critics also gave praise to it.

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1. Mississippi Grind (2015) – 90%

The highest-ranked movie on the Ryan Reynolds movies list is a drama film named Mississippi Grind. As revealed by Reynolds himself, Mississippi Grind has an actually outstanding script that can help his acting sublimate.

In this movie, Reynolds worked with Ben Mendelsohn and their characters were depicted as a failure couple as missing too many chances.

While updating the Ryan Reynolds movies 2020, it sounds great to watch the top 10 Ryan Reynolds movies list. Every movie is a milestone that marks the success of the actor’s acting career. Besides his handsome appearance, Reynolds completely deserves expectations of both fans and the critics in the world.

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