The WandaVision series has finally started on Disney+Hotstar. Unlike the usual settings of the Marvel movies that we have seen, WandaVision looks like an old sitcom series in black and white, making fans curious to find out what is behind all of this.

This series has a total of 9 episodes and it talks about the life of Wanda and Vision after the events of Endgame. And while the first 2 episodes of the series didn't reveal much, there are a lot of easter eggs to remind the audience that things might be changing very quickly in the upcoming episode.

1. Sokovia Reference

When Vision's boss, Mr.Hart, and his wife come to visit, Wanda snuck behind their back and uses her hand to cover Mr.Hart's eyes, thinking that it was her husband. Vision the have to explain that it was a way of greeting in Sokovia, Wanda's home town.

Wandavision Easter Egg Mcu Debra Jo Rupp Elizabeth

2. Maison du Mepris Wine

During the dinner with Mr. Hart and his wife, Wanda uses her power to pour the bottle of wine, revealing the label of it. The label writes "Maison du Mepris" with an M logo on the neck. This is a reference to the House of M event in the comic.

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3. A Calendar With A Heart Mark

You can see a calendar with a heart mark on August 23. This is the reference to the Avengers #238 comic book, where Vision was revived and can interact with others through holographic form.

Wandavision Easter Eggs

4. Stark Toaster Advertisement

One thing that can't be missing in a classic sitcom is the commercial break. The commercial in WandaVision is actually an easter egg to Wanda's real life. It was an advertisement for a Toaster named TravelMate 200 from Stark Industries.

That's right, apart from creating massive destruction weapons and top-notch technology, Stark Industries also invent home appliances. The working sound of this toaster even sound like the sound of the Iron Man suit when it is about to engage in battles.

Wandavision Easter Eggs 1

5. Galactus and Fantastic Four Reference

The 2nd episode starts with an animation that refers to Galactus. You can see the shadow of Galactus's head on the ceiling when Vision is flying down. We also get to see Vision flying in the sky, drawing a heart, which refers to the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four.

Wandavision Easter Eggs 2

6. Bova Milk

We also get to see Wanda shopping in the animation. On the poster on the wall in the back, you can see a milk package called Bova with a drawn human cow image on it. In the comics, Bova is a mutational human cow who took care of Wanda and QuickSilver when they were young.

Wandavision Easter Eggs 3

7. Helicopter Toy with S.W.O.R.D Logo

Wanda found a helicopter toy in her front yard and it is colored just like the iron man suits. We can also see the log of S.W.O.R.D in front of the helicopter. S.W.O.R.D stands for Sentient World Observation and Response Department, which is an agency that is the space counterpart of S.H.I.E.L.D in the comics .

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8. Mind Stone Pattern

On the door of Vision's Cabinet of Mysteries, we can see the drawn picture of the Mind Stone, the stone that gave Vision his life.

Wandavision Mcu Easter Eggs Episode 2 Mind Stone S

9. Strucker Watch

Strucker refers to Wolfgang von Strucker, the one who made Wanda and QuickSilver's life a living hell by doing experiments on them. We can also see the logo of Hydra on the watch. The watch points to 2:42, which refers to the Avengers #242 comic book, where Vision restores his physical form and unite with Wanda.

Wandavision Easter Eggs 5

10. The S.W.O.R.D. Beekeeper

The mysterious beekeeper in the 2nd episode doesn't look like a friendly neighbor at all. We can also spot a S.W.O.R.D logo on his suit. However, his suit also resembles the suit of A.I.M, a group of scientists who want to overthrow governments all around the world. Moreover, A.I.M. was founded by Wolfgang von Strucker.

Wandavision Mcu Easter Eggs Episode 2 Sword Beekee

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