Do you know that in the vacuum environment, the explosion of a space ship doesn’t make any sound? Humans can’t run faster than the volcanic eruption speed, or than an explosion that is going on. However, we always see completely different versions of wide screens. Of course, we are swindled because such scenes must be inevitable factors to add more effects to movies. Let’s check out what film-makers often deceive us!


7. Light Of The Astronaut Suits

Watchers need to know who the character in the astronaut suit is; therefore, such suits must be bright enough for watchers to see inside. That’s not true in the real world because astronauts need to see outside the dark universe and any light near their faces can distract them. The same thing also happens when you see outside of the window at night, you often have to turn off the light in your room so that your eyes can adapt to seeing in the darkness.

Sandra Bullock Gravity
Any light near astronauts' faces can distract them.

8. Tracking Calls

You can easily list a series of scenes in which a policeman or FBI agent is trying to negotiate with a criminal so that he gains more time to determine where the criminal is making a call.

Tracking Calls

Nowadays, how to track calls is not just for policemen. Anyone of us can do the same thing if the law gives us the authority. You just need to hold a smartphone and everything seems to be in your hand!

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9. Easily Grab The Neck And Lift An Adult

In movies, a character can lift an adult easily by just one hand. How cool it is! Once again, you shouldn’t get deceived by this trick. We can’t do this in the real world because the weight of an adult is too large and a lifter must be a superhero with the super strength or something like that. Even if the action is feasible, a person whose neck is grabbed must have his neck broken immediately due to the weight of the below body parts.

Lift Adult Up One Hand
A lifter must be a superhero with super strength or something like that.

10. Cling To The Roof Beam By Fingers

Believe me! That is completely impossible because of one simple reason: your fingers can't bear the weight of the whole body. We must fall down before knowing what is going on. The falling process even takes place faster than when you cling to the roof beam by a hand. Take a look at your list of favorite movies! The male character sometimes hangs his body by one hand and uses another hand to hold the female character. And they can manage to climb up. It’s 100% magic.

Cling Roof Beam Fingers
Your fingers can't bear the weight of the whole body.

11. Make A Sword? It’s Just A Piece Of Cake!

Do you want to make a good sword? Extremely easy. You just need to turn yourself into a character in movies. Melting metal, putting it into a mold, embedding into cold water, and striking a few times by a hammer. And ta-dah, you have made a super-sharp sword. Oh, come on, forget it. That can be true in movies, but not in our real world. Making a sword, in fact, is much more complicated than what you see in the cinematic world.

Make Sword
It's not as easy to make a sharp sword as in movies.

12. Put A Finger On The Trigger? It’s More Dangerous Than You Think.

It is not exaggerated to say that this action is very dangerous. One of the first important rules when using a gun is that your finger isn’t allowed to put on the trigger if you don’t want to fire. That also aims to protect yourself. However, in movies, in a bid to become more pro and cooler, any character holding a gun always puts a finger on the trigger. It’s so risky!

Put Finger Trigger
Don't put your finger on the trigger if you have no intention to fire!

13. Vision From Binoculars

Anyone who sees via a binocular in the real world knows that the binocular vision is different from that in movies. In fact, the vision isn’t limited at all. Film-makers just want to help you know what the character is seeing via.


14. Ninjas Always Wear Black Costumes

The all-black outfit with masks which is supposed to be the “uniform” of the assassin team in Japan turns out to be a product on the stage.

Ninja Black Costumes

A real ninja tends to choose a kind of costume with the most common colors so that he or she can be a part of a crowd. Black costumes are just better for night missions because they can help ninjas hide their traces in the darkness.

15. All Main Characters Are High

Do you know that Tom Cruise, a famous and handsome actor in lots of Hollywood blockbusters, is less than 1m70 tall? “Professor X” James McAvoy or “the boy wizard” Daniel Radcliffe is even shorter. Let's consider another example: "Iron Man" Robert Downey Jr. is about 10cm shorter than "Captain America" Chris Evan but they appear to have the same height. However, in movies, all of these characters seem to be much taller. It is obviously due to cinematic effects. How many do you get deceived by such tricks in movies? Surely many times.

Iron Man
"Iron Man" Robert Downey is about 10cm shorter than "Captain America" Chris Evan.