Zack Snyder's Justice League or "The Snyder Cut" has been made available on HBO max and other streaming services around the world. The new version of the movie is 4 hours, with about two hours of extra materials and pretty much the whole plot reworked.

It is pretty much the opposite of the 2017 version, which was made by Joss Wheldon after Snyder dropped out... and is regarded as one of the biggest failures amongst superhero movies. Here are the three biggest differences between The Snyder Cut And The 2017 Version Of Justice League.

1 - Superman with his new black suit

Instead of the usual red and blue suit, in the Snyder Cut, Superman wears a brand new black suit after his resurrection and went on to fight Steppenwolf with it. It is the classic costume in the Return of Superman comic back in the 90s.

Superman Black Suit Justice League 2

2 - Cyborg has a much bigger role

In the 2017 version, Cyborg was the one who got cut the most from the movie. In the Snyder cut, a lot of his key scenes are added in - from the scene with him connecting to all networks around the world to his relationship with his father Silas Stone, the one who created his body. There are also scenes with Cyborg learning how to use his power as well.

Justiceleague Cyborg Silasstone Lab

3 - Setup for the Flash movie

The Snyder Cut set up for the Flash's solo movie in November 2022 with a scene of Barry Allen saving Iris West after she gets into a car accident. There are also scenes that establish Flash's ability to travel through time, which he used to save his mother's life.

4 - Steppenwolf & Darkseid

Steppenwolf has been completely redesigned - the guy got a new armor that can shift and move to ward off attacks, along with actual horns instead of the weird-looking horned helmet in the 2017 version.

Steppenwolf Justice League

Steppenwolf's boss, one of the biggest villains in the DC universe, Darkseid also made an appearance. He and his servant DeSaad can be seen in the background, checking on Steppenwolf's process of conquering the Earth. Later on, Darkseid arrives face to face against the league, aiming to destroy the Earth to find the Anti-Life Equation.

Zack Snyder Justice League Darkseid Omega Beams Sr

5 - The Martian Manhunter

The Martian Manhunter was supposed to make an appearance at the end of the story to warn Batman about Darkseid... but he was cut completely from the 2017 version.