Back to 2013, when Kollywood seems to miss out on the quirkiness and irreverence in its constantly dish out Thiruppachi, Alwar, Maattrran, Rummy the great gambler full movie (Soodhu Kavvum) appeared like a dark horse. Director Nalan Kumarasamy successfully created a film with an imaginary heroin concept that reflected the moral values and ethics in current Tamil society.  

rummy the great gambler movie review
Rummy the great gambler is a commercial success since it released

Let’s watch Rummy the great gambler full movie Hindi dubbed with to enjoy a hero’s failure one more time.

Rummy the great gambler full movie plot

The story begins with the meeting of Kesavan, Sakar, and Pagalavan with a midlife man named Das. Das is not a husband or a father, as he should be at that age. Instead, he is a professional kidnapper who handles amateur kidnappings for a living with his fictional girlfriend – Shalu. To the bankrupt trio, Das is like a saviour. So, they decide to become his assistants. But not like the ransom gang on the street, Das has rules for his job, and the first is stay away from “political prey”.

One day, Das gang capture a boy and successfully receive a ransom from his father – Nambikkai Kannan. But the victim then is impressed by Das’s kidnap skills. So he wants to make an offer with a 20-million-rupee award. Nambikkai Kannan wants Das gang to arrest State Minister Gnanodayam’s son as revenge for his brother, who was sentenced to jail by that man. Das first confuses, but ultimately agrees after Kesavan, Sekar and Pagalavan have convinced him.

Rummy The Great Gambler movie review
Das (Vijay Sethupathi) and his imaginary girlfriend

The gang soon gets shocked when another group has kidnapped their target. After beating that gang, Das and his fellows realise that Arumai – the victim – stages the first abortion stage to extort money from his father. Arumai succeeds in persuading Das group to conspire with him to obtain his father’s ransom money.

Rummy The Great Gambler Movie Scene
A ruthless Inspector - Bramma keeps hunting Das and his gang.

Money splits men. Twenty million rupees from the State Minister raise an argument among Arumai and the gang, which lead to a series of escaping, chasing, and police. But unlike other movies with the winning of the authorities, Rummy the great gambler movie story leads to an astonishing ending.

Rummy the great gambler full movie stunning direction

Many audiences will miss Nalan’s idea of naming his characters. He combines an uncommon name in Kollywood and the normal ones. It is obvious evidence of the satire and irony implied throughout the movie. As the opposite of the name Pagalavan, which means Sun possession with the character’s background – a guy runs away from some non-metro place to seek a livelihood in Chennai. Bramma, the name remind of our “creator” is given to the destructive Inspector. Finance Minister Gnanodayam, which meaning in Tamil is “the knowledge is coming” turns out to be too backwards and bureaucracy to handle the political situation.

Rummy The Great Gambler Movie review
Inspector Bramma does all the ways to arrest Das’s gang and kill them.

Nalan seems to have taken up any possible details with a satirical take in Rummy the great gambler full movie. Despite being a low-profile kidnapper, Das always shows his dedication to his work. He considers it as a typical job that requires high professionalism. A kidnapper who is not money-dominated, courteous to customers, always enjoys the weekends and even insists on work ethics easily becomes a mass attract. The interactions among characters go along with filming techniques to create an intense atmosphere. It is the first time such a strong amorality and awkward scenarios present in a Tamil movie. 

Rummy The Great Gambler Full Movie Ending
Rummy the great gambler - Inspector Bramma captures Das and takes him to a remote area for execution.

The film ends likewise while Das’s first law seems less and less show up in his mind, and finally, he (un)intentionally ends up capturing another “political target”. The director points out there is no escape from the clutches of Rummy the great gambler movie because that is what happens in real life. If you are a Kollywood-holic, you may find out the inspiration director Nalan absorbs from the dark colour in Aaranya Kaandam and the comedic quirkiness in Thamizh Padam. 

The power of soundtracks on Rummy the great gambler full movie

Soodhu Ravvum includes six songs and background music on the soundtrack album, and they all receive tons of positive reviews. Santhosh Narayan – father of the soundtracks – know what he is doing and how to make it best. The melody the reflects the Chennai down that aligns with Kesavan rolling to falling from the bed to the floor or the distinct score for the Inspector with electric guitars and drum shows the impact of Santhosh Narayan music on the success of Rummy the great gambler full movie Hindi dubbed. Here is the soundtrack list:

  • Come Na Come - Ganesh Kumar B, Chinna
  • Mama Douser - Andrea Jeremiah, Ellam Kadanthu Pogumada – Koavai Jaleel
  • Sudden Delight – Rob Mass
  • Sa Ga – Divya Ramani
  • Kaasu Panam - Gaana Bala, Anthony Daasan     

And Rummy the great gambler full movie hidden facts you may miss

Few people know that, before starting Rummy the great gambler full movie, director Nalan has experienced the most depressing phase of his life. The first draft was a short film script, but Nalan felt very disappointed with the plot. Finally, a friend asked him, why not think of a strange ending for Arumuga Prakasham - a character in Nalan’s previous short film - for example to let him become prime minister? And that was the inspiration for Rummy the great gambler full movie birth. Not Das, but Arumai that sets the script rolling.

Rummy The Great Gambler Full Movie Cast
Director Nalan Kumarasamy and the casts

Unlike how people call Soodhu Ravvum a heroic-concept movie, director Nalan has never called the kidnapper the hero.

He got more attention because of Vijay Sethupathy. If the role was played by a character artist or a comedian, nobody would have called him the hero.

After finish the script, director Nalan got rejected by five producers before getting the nod of C. V. Kumar, the producer of Attakathi and Pizza. He is still watching out for an out-of-the-box story. C.V. Kumar convinced director Nalan to stick to this genre instead of the blockbuster, which becoming dull in the Indian movie industry. Producer C.V. Kumar made a tweet about Rummy the great gambler movie 2 on his twitter in April 2019.

Rummy the great gambler full movie download

Audiences can easily find it on YouTube, as Goldmines Telefilms has posted it on its official channel. Let’s enjoy Rummy the great gambler full movie Hindi dubbed. While waiting for Rummy the great gambler movie 2, why don’t we enjoy many other blockbusters on